Paint Color Ideas – Sneak Peek Inside my Home

Natural Gray by Behr Paint in Eggshell Finish

My kitchen and living room are both painted Natural Gray by Behr Paint in Eggshell Finish. When I first started to paint with this color it almost looked lavender, but I kept going because I already bought a gallon of the paint to see if it would get better. The color came out great and it is a true gray color with no purple tones. Natural Gray works nice with different shades of gray, greige, light tan colors, turquoise, navy, and more.

Natural Gray by Behr

Another image of my kitchen in Natural Gray by Behr Paint in Egg Shell Finish. I do regret not choosing a satin finish because the paint would be more wipe-able.

Natural Gray by Behr
Rhino By Behr Paint in Egg Shell Finish

The lighting is not the best in this bathroom, but I love this color. The color is a very light sage with a gray under tone. The color looks more gray than it does green, once it is on the wall.

Burnished Clay by Behr Paint in Egg Shell

Burnished Clay is a really nice greige color that will work in almost any space in your home. I painted my living room, dining room, stairway, and my hallway in this color because it works great as a neutral and compliments all of my furniture and flooring.

Burnished Clay by Behr Paint in Egg Shell
Paint Colors for Bathroom
Riverway by Sherwin Williams Paint in Satin Finish

Since I have so many lighter gray, colors I decided to go bold in this bathroom. When we first moved in, I painted this bathroom Bleach Linen by Behr Paint in Egg Shell Finish, but the paint color just looked more of a light pink than off white in this bathroom. This paint color idea is Riverway by Sherwin Williams. Even though there is not a lot of light in this bathroom, this dark color works so nicely in this bathroom.

City Loft by Sherwin Williams

This is a picture from our master bathroom in City Loft by Sherwin Williams. This bathroom was previously Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. Sea Salt is a really nice color, but it just didn’t work with this outdated tile. This bathroom has a ton of this tile on the floor, around the rub and shower. It’s a big project that we did not want to take on, so I was trying to do simple inexpensive changes to update the space. Painting, framing the mirror, and changing the paint color of the walls to City Loft really changed the feel in this space. It makes the tile appear a little less outdated and ugly.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams in Satin Finish

I had left over Sea Salt paint from the master bathroom project, so I recently painted our laundry room in Sea Salt. I also, changed the shelving, painted the ceiling, and add a little decor to make this space a little more fun. I love how the laundry room came out, unfortunately I am still not motivated to put laundry away.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams in Satin Finish
Paint Colors for Bedroom
Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams Paint in Satin Finish

Worldly Gray is a darker greige color. This color works really nicely with darker furniture, navy accents, and lighter curtains. When we bought the house it had an ugly ceiling fan with palm leaves as the blades. We never got around to replacing the fan, so we just went with the theme and added simple tropical decor.

Wordly Gray by Sherwin Williams
Paint Colors for Basement
Paint Color Ideas – Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams Paint in Satin Finish

This is a picture from our basement. The floor was already a light orange tan color when we moved in, so I decided to pick a color that would compliment the floor. I was nervous to go with a bold color because I typically pick light gray colors. I choose this shade of orange because it has a cooler undertone to go with the rest of the paints that are in my home. This color came out really nice and gave the room a cozy feel.

When we purchased our home the seller stage the house with a mirror in almost every room and this peacock painting in the master bedroom. This peacock painting is not our taste, but we thought it was hilarious and couldn’t get rid of it. The painting works great in our basement bar area as a conversation starter.

Paint Colors for basement
Another photo of Cavern Clay by Sherwin Williams Paint in Satin Finish next to the bar that we built.

Those are some of the paint color ideas for our home and I hope you can get some ideas yourself now that you see them in action. Check out my other posts on achieving a clean paint line, and paint products you must have!

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