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Stunning Shiplap Bar Designs

Are you looking for design ideas for the exterior of your bar? These shiplap bars will bring out your inner Joanna Gaines.

The farmhouse style might be a trend, but shiplap is here to stay. Believe it or not you can use shiplap with almost any interior design style with a few minor adjustments.

Shiplap isn’t just for your walls or ceiling, it can be used almost anywhere in your home to act as a focal point.

Adding shiplap to the front of your bar looks great and is easy to install. Plus a shiplap bar can be painted or stained any color to match your space.

Another bonus to using shiplap on your bar is that the cuts are less intricate compared to other designs.

Shiplap Bars

When you think of shiplap, you are probably imagining bright white shiplap. Shiplap is traditionally painted white then paired with various wood tones and pops of black for a farmhouse look.

white shiplap bar

If farmhouse isn’t your style, you can still use shiplap in a modern or coastal design.

To give shiplap more of a modern feel, arranged it in unique pattern or vertically then paint it a bold color.

The rich color painted onto the shiplap will bring visual interest and elevate the space.

To give shiplap more of a coastal feel, stain or paint the shiplap a light color then coordinate with woven decor and soft tones.

Another trick to change the feel of shiplap is to adhere it vertically to make a room feel larger. The vertical panels draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger.

Black Shiplap Bar

This black shiplap bar give off a more modern feel because of the color and the way the shiplap was arranged. The herring bone pattern on the doors is playful and unique, taking the design up a notch.

The black and white contrast makes the light fixtures, shelving, and bar stools pop against the dark tones in this space.

black shiplap bar

Shiplap Bar Accent Wall

Instead of adhering shiplap directly onto the exterior of your bar, place it behind the bar area as an accent wall. The powder blue on the bar cabinets bring in a fun unexpected pop of color to the clean lines in this space.

shiplap bar area

Outdoor Shiplap Bar

If you have leftover shiplap from a previous project, take it outdoors and create a backyard bar. This bar is in under a covered area, so the wood shiplap is protected from harsh weather and sun.

If you do decided to build a shiplap bar, make sure to select materials that will hold up against outdoor elements.

outdoor shiplap bar

Traditional Shiplap Style Bar

You can’t go wrong with a traditional shiplap bar with rustic finishes. This bar is wrapped in traditional shiplap with rabbeted edges then painted a neutral shade of gray.

You can tell that this is shiplap by looking at the seems on the front of the bar. Typically shiplap has groves where the shiplap joins together called a rabbet joint.

shiplap bar

Wood Shiplap Bar

This bar isn’t designed with traditional shiplap with rabbeted edges. Instead the exterior of this bar is designed with is wood planks.

The wood planks are adhered to the front of the plywood frame using wood glue and a brad nail gun. I used similar planks on my portable shiplap bar to save a ton of time.

wood shiplap bar

There are various weathered wood options on the market that make it easier for a DIYer to customize their home.

Using wood planks like this is typically easier to work with and more affordable. Another bonus to using planks similar to these is that they are usually already stained or painted.

To see more shiplap bar style bars take a look at our other basement bar ideas.


There are many ways to incorporate shiplap into your home regardless of your interior design style.

Even if you aren’t a farmhouse fan, you can use shiplap in various patterns and colors to bring in visual interested into your home.

You might find these shiplap tips helpful before you start working with the wood material. What are your thoughts on a shiplap bar?