Basement Bar Ideas That You Haven’t Seen Before

Basement bar ideas built using DIY bar plans, to inspire you to build your own home bar. These are basement bar designs that you haven’t seen before!

We wanted to build a home bar, but we didn’t have the budget to pay to have someone build it for us.

So, we created our own basement bar design and Home bar plans to simplify this DIY project.

Items Needed to Build a Home Bar:

Basement Bar Design Ideas

When we built our first bar, we wanted a large L shaped bar to seat more than 2 people.

We searched all over for easy to follow home bar plans with detailed instructions to build a bar, but we struggled to find complete instructions.

Since we couldn’t find clear instructions, we decided to create our own DIY bar plans.

basement bar plans, diy bar
Rock Solid Rustic Basement Bar!

Building a Home Bar

First we placed tape on the floor as a rough idea for the size of the bar.

Then we started building the bar frame to fit these measurements, in our basement.

Even if you have very little woodworking skills, this is a project that you can take on!

To learn more about building one of these home bar design ideas, view our instructions here.

basement bar ideas, diy bar

Basement Bars Built By Our Customers

These are some of the bars that were built using our DIY bar plans.

Many of these bars were built by people with very little woodworking experience.

These bars put our original rock solid rustic bar to shame!

They did such a great job with the finish work on these bars.

home bar ideas, diy bar
basement bar ideas, home bar ideas, diy bar
epoxy bar top, diy bar
home bar ideas, diy bar
basement bar designs, basement bar ideas, home bar ideas, diy bar

Garage Bar

basement bar ideas, home bar ideas, diy bar
basement bar ideas, home bar ideas, diy bar

Penny Bar Top

basement bar designs, penny bar top, bar top ideas, epoxy bar top, diy bar
diy bar

Outdoor Home Bar

basement bar designs, basement bar ideas, home bar ideas, diy bar

Living Room Home Bars

home bar ideas, diy bar
diy bar

Save on Lumber and Build a Hutch Bar

If you have an oversized hutch that you don’t know what to do with, then this is the perfect DIY project!

Our friends followed our DIY bar plans to turn their outdated hutch into a basement bar.

To build this hutch bar, you simply just remove the top portion of the hutch.

Then trim the height of the hutch, so it is the correct bar height.

If you hutch has molding at the top, then you will want to cut the molding off too.

hutch bar ideas
Here is the hutch before turning it into a hutch bar!

Building a Bar Using a Hutch

Once the top molding has been removed, you can insert birch plywood inside the hutch around the frame.

If you have a good quality hutch, you may be able to skip this step because the back of the bar will be strong enough.

A particle board back, probably won’t hold up, so if you have particle board you will want to replace it.

hutch bar design ideas
Removed the top part of the hutch.

Once you have your home bar desgin framed out, use a Mouse Sander to lightly sand the entire bar.

Then wipe down the bar and paint the bar before adding on the bar top.

The bar top used here is butcher block, so it was much quick than adding a bar top made from plywood and Chicago bar rail.

After adhering the butcher block, pour epoxy resin on to the top of the bar for a shiny smooth finish.

hutch bar, diy bar
Before sanding and painting the hutch bar
diy bar, basement bar ideas
Here is the completed hutch bar!

You can remove the top portion of the hutch, then flip it sideways and you have a basement bar.

If your bar does not feel stable, then you may want to consider mounting it to a wall to prevent tipping.

That’s how the frame of this bar was made, saving a ton of money on lumber.

Home Bar Design Ideas – Shiplap Bar

Our family wanted us to build them the exact same bar that we have in our basement, but change the final details.

So, we helped build this bar using our bar plans then added shiplap instead of trim pieces.

We think this bar turned out really nice with the shiplap!

Adhering shiplap was much easier than making the cuts for all of the trim pieces as shown on our bar.

Once the shiplap was adhered to the bar, the entire bar was sanded with a Mouse Sander.

Then the bar was wiped down and stained on the top and bottom.

diy bar plans, basement bar
Shiplap bar

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