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As a former Aircraft Mechanic, I love tools and fixing things. There is a deep satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that I get from making something work again. This carried over into my home life, along with my addiction to watching HGTV.

My wife, Lacey, loves painting and staining. I’ve never seen anything like it. Our house has literally been painted from to top to bottom, including the ceilings. It works though, because I hate painting. She also has an incredible eye for detail, fashion, and creativity.

Together, we’re a formidable force for any DIY project. We’re also a good balance because I over-research every project that I take on, where she’s more of a “screw it, let’s give it a try” type gal. I am glad that she has such confidence though.

Oh, I forgot to mention our biggest contributors, our toddler and newborn son. Our toddler is a huge help (mass amounts of sarcasm), but mostly our biggest fan. You’ll often find him throwing toys at us while working, climbing up and down on the step stool an endless amount of times, or literally dancing to the sound of a drill all while our newborn attempts to sleep.

My wife, Lacey, and I, have a common love for home reno projects, building things, and adding value to our home. We bought our first home over two years ago and haven’t stopped improving it since. We have zero chill. We’re trying to rid it of everything “builders grade” and make the most of our spaces. It’s nice to meet you!

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About this Blog

A home is what you make it. And we chose to make ours exactly how we want it. We take on every DIY project we can think of, from painting, building furniture, home reno, some crafts, and other fun projects. There’s something for everyone here, and we save TONS of money by doing this ourselves.

We didn’t start with any wood working, electrical, or plumbing experience, but we figured it out along the way. The internet is full of resources, and I hope this can be another one for you.

Of course we make mistakes along the way but that’s why we started this blog – to show you exactly how to do these projects that you can enjoy, save money, and possibly increase the value of your home.

If you wait for the perfect opportunity to start, you’ll never start. And I always say, “the best way to learn, is to just do it”, so it’s time to stop putting off that backsplash, accent wall, and new bathroom. It’s time to start refinishing that furniture and refacing your fireplace like you always wanted. Take a look at what we’ve done so far.

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