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Cool Home Bar Storage Ideas

These easy ideas for home bar storage will provide you with plenty of space to store glasses, barware, liquor, wine bottles, and more. A home bar area is a great place to entertain guests and enjoy a chilled drink while watching a game.

Even if you bar isn’t a true a bar with stools, a small area with cabinets and shelving can offer a place to store barware and prep a drink. It might sound unnecessary to have a home bar, but a bar is a nice space to gather, offer additional seating options, and extra storage.

Bar Cabinets with Shelving

Bar cabinets area great option if you are low on space for a full size home bar with stools or if you want to tie in the look of your kitchen. A set of bar cabinets off of the kitchen typically matches or compliments to style of the kitchen area.

This is a fun space to go with a bolder paint color option on the lower cabinets and unique open shelving with lighting toward the top. The bar cabinets also provide a space to hide items neatly and offer additional storage, saving space in your kitchen area.

bar cabinet with storage
Photo @ljskitchens_interiors

Open Bar Shelving

A bar with open shelving is typically easier to install and a more affordable option for a home bar. The open shelving can be designed to compliment the look and feel of your bar area. Display bottles, glasses, bar tools, greenery, and other items to give your bar a stylish touch to your bar.

A bar of this size can be costly, so the open shelving can decrease the cost and you can frame the bar yourself to save even more.

home bar storage
Photo @jette_creative

Minimalist Bar Storage

A minimalist bar storage option would look great just off of the dining room or kitchen area. Simple clean lines and warm wood tones give this bar a sophiscated look. This bar area has everything you need to host a classy dinner party.

minimalist bar storage
photo @armacmartin

Designing a bar area doesn’t have to have that dark man cave look and feel, you can create a beautiful minimalist aesthetic that compliments your home. When designing a kitchen or dining area bar, think clean lines, sleek, simple, and functional.

Bar Storage Beneath the Basement Stairs

Take advantage of that awkward space below your basement stairs by adding bar storage or even a small bar area to prep a drink. Adding bar cabinets or a mini bar below the steps could be a fun and affordable DIY project that you can take on yourself.

A bar area beneath the basement stairs is unexpected, but its a cool use of the space that isn’t utilized well in most homes. The cabinets are a great place to store extra glasses that take up space in your kitchen and display wine and liquor bottles.

basement bar storage
photo @denic.cabinets

Since this is a small space typically tucked against a wall, you should consider a bold design to give the basement some color and personality. A dramatic pop of color and texture beneath the stairs will act as an accent wall in your basement. These other basement bar ideas will give you inspiration to build your own unique bar.

staircase bar
Photo @designerappliances

Modern Bar Storage

A modern home bar area provides the space with a moody and sophiscated feel to entertain and gather with your guests in style. Clean lines, dark marble veining, dramatic lighting, and a shiny copper backsplash give this space a sleek and stylish look.

The bold copper backsplash draws the eye toward the open shelving area that nicely displays bottles, glasses, and barware. A bar with this much style would look great anywhere in your home! Take a look at our other modern bar ideas to inspire your own home bar design.

modern bar storage
Photo @sherinegridesign


Even if you aren’t a big drinker a bar area provides extra storage, seating, and a place to gather with family and friends. We use our own bar area for additional seating for guests and to set up a buffet of food on top of the bar. Not to mention bar storage is key if you have a smaller kitchen!