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7 Calming Grey Green Paint Colors

Do you want to add a little color to your home, but you are intimidated? You should try a shade of grey green paint because it adds subtle color without overpowering a space.

If you have been following recent home trends, then you will know that green paint colors are in. There’s a modern twist on the once very popular sage green paint.

Gray green paint and dark green paint might be trending, but it is here to stay.

Choosing Grey Green Paint Colors

Grey green paint colors are calming and effortlessly blend with any decor because acts as a neutral if you select the right shade of the color.

When choosing the right green paint color, you want to consider the rest of your home.

Do you find yourself leaning more toward cool colors? Then you will want to go with a gray undertone to go with the flow of your home and match existing decor.

Undertones in Grey Green Paint

grey green paint

If you are more into warm tones, then you should consider a green with a yellow under tone.

I love the cool tones of gray, but gray by itself is a bit boring in my opinion.

Okay, don’t get annoyed at me for saying that because most of my house is gray.

I do like the color gray, but I am just tired of it and it feels stark.

When I purchased my first home, I jumped on the gray bandwagon and painted everything gray or white.

Bold Green Accent Wall

If you are thinking of going bold then you might like this modern green bedroom. This grey green paint color is Green Bay by Sherwin Williams.

The opposing walls are painted Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. Comfort Gray is a light gray paint with green undertones, so it looks really nice with a dark green bedroom accent wall.

green bay paint color

Grey Green Paint That Matches Any Style

I had no idea what my style was at the time, and I was always decorating for someone else instead of myself.

When I was decorating and painting my home, I always thought what would other people like.

I was worried about picking something that would deter people from buying my home that I just bought.

Finally, I realized I wasn’t living in my own home instead a version of what I thought others would want to call home.

I ended up repainting some rooms, moving decor around, or repurposing some items to save some money.

Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay Hex Code: #AEB3A9

RGB: 174 / 179 / 169

LRV: 44

These laundry room cabinets were painted Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams to bring a fun pop of subtle color to the room.

This is a light gray green that has a coastal vibe to it without being too beachy. The gray undertones of this shade of green help tie it in with the rest of the space.

If you want to see more photos of Oyster Bay then check out our laundry room post!

grey green paint
Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams

Sea Salt

Sea Salt Hex Code: #CDD2CA

RGB: 205 / 210 / 202

LRV: 63

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams is a grey green paint that puts a modern twist on sage green.

I have painted this color in bathrooms, kitchens, living room, and a laundry room.

This shade of gray green acts as a neutral color. It has just a pop of color mixed in so your space isn’t so bland.

A grey green paint is also great in a baby nursey for any gender.

gray green paint
Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

Rhino by Behr

Don’t let the name of this green paint fool you because it is not a shade of brown.

This color is a modern version of sage green with grey paint mixed in.

The name of this grey green paint is Rhino, and it matches with any space or decor style.

If you are looking for a sage green paint, I highly recommend looking into the color Rhino by Behr.

The grey green paint is a modern version of sage green. It is more timeless and you won’t get tired of this color as it feels neutral.

rhino by behr paint
Rhino by Behr Paint

I painted my powder room with Rhino paint by Behr then I added this mirror frame using scrap wood.

Mountain Road by Sherwin

Mountain Road Hex Code: #868578

RGB: 134 / 133 / 120

LRV: 23

I first saw this medium sage green paint color on a home bar that one of our customer’s built using our DIY Bar Plans.

This color is the perfect mix of dark gray and green. In certain light it can look gray or it can look green.

green paint colors
Mountain Road by Sherwin Williams

I loved this color, so much that I repainted my gray bathroom vanity this color.

My vanity was painted a shade of gray, but I wanted to change it up.

The gray wasn’t that bad on the vanity, but it just didn’t work in my bathroom with the existing tile.

mountain road by sherwin

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin

Evergreen Fog: #95978A

RGB: 149 / 151 / 138

LRV: 30

Another medium shade of grey green paint is, Evergreen Fog. This color contains more green than it does grey, so it will be warmer compared to other shades of grey green.

To see more photos of Evergreen Fog, take a look at our other blog post!

evergreen fog sherwin williams

Riverway by Sherwin

Riverway Hex Code: #5D7274

RGB: 93 / 114 / 116

LRV: 16

This dark green paint color is bold and out of my element, but it feels great in my home.

I typically lean toward lighter and airy colors, but this bold grey green paint color just works.

The gray undertone in this green paint color makes it fit right into my home.

riverway by sherwin williams

Check Back Soon For More Paint Ideas!

I am in the middle of a few projects, so make sure to check back soon for more paint ideas.

Feel free to share some of your favorite green paint colors in the comments. To see even more grey green paint colors, take a look at these beautiful rooms!