Getting Every Cent Back from Life Insurance – Even if you Don't Use It!

Ya know what really sucks about insurance? It’s one of those things that’s a necessary evil. You have to have car insurance and home owners insurance, and there is insurance for just about everything else. For me, I love to have a safety net in case something happens, so I do think insurance of all kinds serve a purpose, but I HATE the idea of … Continue reading Getting Every Cent Back from Life Insurance – Even if you Don't Use It!

How My Credit Card Company Pays Me $600 a Year

Credit card companies are typically known for taking massive advantage of their customers, basically holding them in debt until the end of time. Most of the interest rates are outrageous and making minimum payments will take you years to get out of debt, literally. Fortunately, if you play your cards right (pun intended), you can easily take advantage of credit card companies and they will … Continue reading How My Credit Card Company Pays Me $600 a Year

Pergo Flooring Install (snap and click boards)

If you don’t know what Pergo flooring is, it’s just a very durable and nice looking “snap-and-click” laminate flooring. It also has built in padding so you can put these right on top of your subfloor. It’s also much cheaper than real wood, bamboo, or other types of flooring. The only down side of Pergo, or any laminate flooring for that matter, is that it … Continue reading Pergo Flooring Install (snap and click boards)

Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Ugly laminate flooring, a basic orange-ish vanity, unframed mirror, and an 8 dollar light fixture. Does this sound like your bathroom? Do you want to upgrade your bathroom but are worried that it’s beyond your skill set? This is how I felt before remodeling our full bathroom. A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be expensive though, or hard. Oh, you’ve never done that before? Well, … Continue reading Bathroom Remodel Under $500

How to Build a Rustic Farmhouse Console Table

Our friends surprised us and built this Ana White inspired farmhouse console table when we bought our first home. We absolutely loved this table immediately. We were so thankful for our friends taking the time out of their busy lives to make such a beautiful and sturdy table. This console table was sadly the sturdiest piece of furniture we owned at the time when we … Continue reading How to Build a Rustic Farmhouse Console Table

Paint Color Ideas – Sneak Peek Inside my Home

My kitchen and living room are both painted Natural Gray by Behr Paint in Eggshell Finish. When I first started to paint with this color it almost looked lavender, but I kept going because I already bought a gallon of the paint to see if it would get better. The color came out great and it is a true gray color with no purple tones. … Continue reading Paint Color Ideas – Sneak Peek Inside my Home

Rust-Oleom Chalk Paint Furniture

Rust-Oleom Chalk paint and Spray Chalk Paint Rust-Oleum chalk paint caught my attention because the product did not require any sanding and is beginner friendly. My first project using chalk paint was a 1980’s style dresser and chest. The dresser and chest were a very shiny chestnut color, so even if I changed the hardware the dresser would still look outdated. The furniture was made … Continue reading Rust-Oleom Chalk Paint Furniture

DIY Mirror Frame in Bathroom

$20 Believe it or not, there’s a quick, easy, and affordable way to change the look of your bathroom, without replacing anything. Instead, you’re adding something – a simple DIY mirror frame around your already existing mirror. Most “builder’s grade” homes today come with one large mirror in some such area. It works as mirror should and I can see my reflection – great. But … Continue reading DIY Mirror Frame in Bathroom

How to Rip up Carpet (and Clean Urine on Sub-floor)

What’s that smell? When I moved into my house, I immediately noticed the carpet had to be replaced – probably 700 or 800 sqft of it, the entire first floor. The carpet was old and smelled of urine, so there was no question that it had to go. I thought ripping up the carpet would also get rid of the urine smell – wrong. But … Continue reading How to Rip up Carpet (and Clean Urine on Sub-floor)

Stain your Stair Railing for a Quick Update

My staircase was previously an outdated orange wood tone, as it seems most builders-grade homes are today. It just looked so dirty and cheap (see picture below). I knew I had to stain my stair railing and I wanted to update the staircase without spending a lot of money. I decided to update the color of the staircase by using Varathane stain with poly in … Continue reading Stain your Stair Railing for a Quick Update

DIY Projects That Saved Me Over $8,000

It’s funny how you always see financially savvy blogs that talk about how to save money and get out of debt, start a side hustle, increase your credit score, and everything in between. “How I retired at age 20 with $16 trillion in the bank”, but you’ll never read about the cost savings DIY projects. This includes everything from renovating your house, painting, and building … Continue reading DIY Projects That Saved Me Over $8,000

Paint Products That You Must Have!

I’m a paint fanatic and I literally painted my house top to bottom, which includes the ceiling. I also painted my vanity, kitchen cabinets, and furniture. It’s safe to say I am also particular with my products (after a lot of trial and error) so I listed my favorite ones below. Brushes- Wooster Angled brushes are my go-to brushes for any project. Wooster makes angled … Continue reading Paint Products That You Must Have!

Easy Instructions on How to Paint a Vanity

Under $50 If you don’t have the money, or time, to renovate your entire bathroom, you can easily refresh it and change the entire look. Adding a coat of paint, new hardware, and framing a builder grade mirror can make a big difference on a budget. Read on to see how to paint a vanity – the proper way. Painting a bathroom vanity is so … Continue reading Easy Instructions on How to Paint a Vanity

Farmhouse Coffee Table – DIY

$40 Isn’t it crazy that some coffee tables can run close to a thousand dollars? All for that and some of them are just made of flimsy cheap particle board and aren’t even made of solid planks of wood. This farmhouse coffee table will run you around just $40. I hate that these overpriced coffee tables get dented and stained ridiculously easy, and people stress … Continue reading Farmhouse Coffee Table – DIY