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Creative RV Bar Ideas

Looking to add more entertaining space to your RV? These RV bar ideas are creative ways to make it feel like you increased the square footage.

You have to make the most of the small foot print of an RV. Bringing in an additional piece of furniture or moving things around isn’t always an option.

Things in an RV are mounted for safety purposes or the items cannot fit if arrange in a different way.

So, here is where you have to get creative and find a way to fit a gathering place for family and friends.

Outdoor RV Bar

Since you are probably lacking the space inside, you can build a bar right next to your RV. This RV bar design makes it feel as though the RV has an additional room attached to it because of how close the bar is.

An outdoor bar doesn’t have to be used for the adults to drink alcohol. The RV bar can be used as a place for family and friends to enjoy bbq or sit around and watch a game.

So, even if you aren’t a big drinker you can still find some enjoyment out of one of these RV bar ideas.

You might enjoy this other outdoor bar ideas that could also work with your RV design.

rv bar ideas

This RV bar was built using Rock Solid Rustic bar plans. The customer put their own personal touch to the size and function of the bar. You can do a lot with these simple to follow bar plans!

Portable RV Beer Table

If you would rather a smaller RV bar or a more portable option then an beer table is for you!

Bring your drink and snacks outdoors with this portable beer table made by WoodlandSteelworks.

This table has room for everything you need, can easily be folded and stored away, and moved around wherever you need it.

So, you don’t have to worry about rearrange your RV to store it or make it fit in your design plan.

rv beer table
Photo Credit: WoodlandSteelworks

RV Bar Cabinet

Instead of a large bar with several stools surrounding it, you can create a small area with a bar cabinet to fix a drink and store glasses and barware.

This bar area blends into the space perfectly with plenty of storage for wine bottles and a fridge for additional beverages.

A bar of this size is easy to incorporate into your RV design and it is more affordable over a bar with stools.

rv bar area
Photo Credit: @t_h_e_l_o_t

RV Bar Tables

Remove that dark and drab outdated booth area in most RVs and swap it for an updated bar table with stools tucked underneath.

This design dramatically opens up the area and brightens up the space. This RV table can act as a dinner table for the family or as a small bar area for the adults.

rb bar table
Photo Credit: @@wilsongrandadventures

Folding RV Bar

Since space is lacking in a RV, this design maximizes the space without sacrificing the entertainment.

When it is time for a meal or you need a pop up bar area, simply unfold the the wood and latch it in place.

Then when you are done with the bar or table area, fold it back down and tuck the stools against the island.

Folding away the bar table keeps the flow of RV, but still gives you the option to have more entertaining space if needed.

rb bar ideas
Photo Credit: @@contented.nomad

Another option would be to design the kitchen with a peninsula to act as a dining or bar area. This RV bar design is simple and clean with everything you need in one space.

Pull up a couple of stools and pour a drink then you have yourself a bar area in your RV.

rb bar
Photo Credit: @@lovethatrv


It’s fun to look into RV bar ideas to see how creative people can be with a small space. You don’t need a lot of room to design a unique and functional space for your family and friends.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.