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How to Update a Laundry Room on a Budget

Do you have an outdated bathroom that can use a budget friendly makeover? Well, we’ve go you covered with these tips on how to update a laundry room for beginners.

How to Update a Laundry Room for Less than $200

It sounds like such a random space to spend money on, but we love projects. We had leftover paint from another project, so we figured why not update this space.

The walls were an off white color and the flooring is a pink builder grade laminate.

The shelving is cheap and starting to bow in the center from the weight of products.

How to update a laundry room

A laundry room is a great space to use up scrap paint or flooring from other projects because this is typically a smaller space to renovate.

Cleaning this space up is usually a quick project because of it’s small size and lack of intricacies.

For that reason, we decided to refresh ours and turn it into laundry room.

You can easily update you entire laundry room in a weekend with our laundry room decor ideas.

How to update a laundry room

Prepping to Paint the Space

To get started with this project, we removed all cleaning products and shelving.

Then gave the space an instant update with a coat of sea salt paint color by Sherwin Williams.

If you need tips and tricks to paint a room without tape, check out my post here!

I painted down as far as I could reach behind the washer and drier.

After applying 2 coats of the sea salt paint color, we removed the washer from the laundry room.

How to Remove the Washer & Drier

We got away with just removing the washer, but you may have to remove both, one or the other, or neither.

It depends on your layout, but for us, it was definitely easier to just remove the washer.

Before removing the washer, make sure that you are ahead on your laundry for the weekend.

You may need to leave the washer (and possibly dryer) disconnected for a couple days to complete your laundry room upgrade.

Before Updating a Laundry Room – Turn off the Gas

Before you do anything make sure to turn off the gas!

First we took pictures of the set up of our washer before removing it, so we could easily put everything back together.

We disconnected the washer and placed furniture sliders under the washer.

The furniture sliders allowed us to and easily slide the washer out of the laundry room.

Removing the Dryer – Remember Turn off the Gas!

Then we took photos of the dryer set up and disconnected everything from there.

Make sure to turn off the gas for this part if you have a gas dryer.

We did not remove the dryer, instead we just slid this back and forth during the installation of the peel and stick vinyl flooring.

Finish Painting Behind Washer and Dryer

Now that almost everything was out of the way it was easier to finish painting.

We went back and finished using the sea salt paint color in all the areas that could not be reached.

After the paint has dried, you can start working on the peel and stick vinyl flooring.

Updating a Laundry Room with Peel and Stick Vinyl

This was super easy to install and we only need a box cutter to cut the floor.

We decided to apply the peel and stick vinyl flooring over the previous laminate because we did not want to apply the new flooring directly to the sub floor.

The peel and stick vinyl is very thin, so it laid down nicely over the previous laminate.

How to Update a Laundry Room with Peel and Stick Flooring

We started laying the flooring down against the back corner then worked our way over, making sure the seams of the floor were staggered.

Flooring can vary in color in each box, so be sure to mix each box while laying down the flooring.

Carefully start to work your way left to right, and peel the remaining paper from the floor as you work your way to the end of the plank.

Do not firmly push the flooring down until the plank is in the correct place.

Once you are confident the plank is in the correct spot, slowly push down on the floor from left to right making sure the plank is straight as you push down.

How to update a laundry room

The plank may shift slightly when laying it down, but you can peel it back a little to adjust the plank.

You do not want to readjust the plank too many times as this may prevent the floor from sticking correctly.

If you are having trouble pushing the flooring down, a dry paint roller can be used to roll over the planks and lock them in place. 

How to Stagger Peel and Stick Flooring

Now that the entire first row has been installed, start laying the 2nd row the same way.

Make sure to stagger the length of the first piece in the 2nd row by about 6 inches, so seams do not match up.

Staggering the planks like this is important because the floor could buckle, if the seams are too close together.

How to update a laundry room with peel and stick flooring
How to cut peel and stick vinyl

How to Cut Peel and Stick Flooring

To cut the planks use a box cutter with a large piece of scrap wood underneath.

When cutting the very ends of the planks, be sure to cut the side that will be covered by the baseboards or quarter round. 

Continue to stagger each row throughout the entire project. 

You may also have to make cuts around ducting, but that’s another good reason to choose a floor that’s so easy to cut.

Laundry Room Makeover

We started with a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color followed by wood tone peel and vinyl.

Replacing the cheap wire shelf with a piece of solid wood and black hardware, made a huge difference.

The shelving was very inexpensive, costing around $30. We found heavy duty shelving brackets at Home Depot under $7 per bracket.

Another way to give your laundry room a makeover is with wallpaper. Since a laundry room is not an everyday space, this is the perfect area to go bold with your design.

Finishing Touches to Your Laundry Room

After the floor has been installed, add baseboard and quarter round if necessary. We only needed to remove the existing quarter road to lay the new floor down.

Once the floor was finished, we installed new quarter round in the space. The quarter round covers the ¼ inch space left between the wall and floor. 

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