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Rock Solid Rustic DIY Bar Plans

What’s Included: The bar plans include 30 pages of detailed instructions explaining how to build a bar, add shelving, decorative accents, bar rail, and more.

Bar Measurements: The front of the bar measures about 8 feet long. The left side that is attached to the wall is 5 feet and the right side is 3 feet. We have had customers take the plans and make them their own to fit their space.

Beginner Friendly: Building a bar of this size can be intimidating for a beginner, but our plans make building a bar less overwhelming. We’ve received many raving reviews from people that have zero experience with woodworking or tools. With our plans they were able to build a bar that the dreamed of!

Can I Adjust the Bar Side and Design? Yes! Our bar plans are a helpful guide to build the exact bar shown or to slightly alter as needed. Many customers have used the plans as a foundation to build from for their own space and needs.

Rock Solid Rustic Bar Plans

bar plans

Our DIY Bar Plans include 3D models to build your home bar from the frame to finish.

  • Easy-to-read instructions with 3D Images that break down every step throughout the project
  • Cut list that makes your project easier and help save money on lumber costs
  • Bar Plans include 30+ pages of clear information and advice

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Rock Solid Rustic Customer Reviews

“This plan is awesome, saved so much headache and frustration! It was pretty straightforward to put together and there wasn’t much waste which was a bonus. The bar turned out amazing.”

“Made the entire process much easier, took a lot of stress off building a bar from scratch. Easy to follow directions, would definitely recommend!”

“Great instructions & illustration especially for someone who has never built a bar. I did end up changing my bar up a little, but ultimately these instructions were prefect & we’re good to look back on as I was building it. Thank so much .”

“Plan was great, I modified a bit as I made mine a bit bigger. Very easy to follow the instructions. Thanks for the help!!”

“Thank goodness for these plans. My husband and son said they couldn’t do a bar without them. I’ll post pics when it’s 100% complete. But was so worth the money spent.”

“I had zero experience with woodworking! You’ve given me confidence that I can build all kinds of things after completing this project!”

“I purchased the plans for the bar back in September and wanted to thank you for the ease of building it. For someone who can’t draw a crooked line let alone a straight one it was easy to follow the directions.”

“This was a great investment and bar!”

“Thank you guys so much for putting this out there as it has become a nightly hangout for us and a great conversation piece!”

“Great design and easy to follow directions!”

“Great plans for a DIY’er who has never made a bar before. Excellent customer service as well!”

Helpful Bar Links:

Bars Built by Our Customers:

Most of our customers have little to no woodworking experience, but still build an amazing home bar!

They used our plans and made them their own by putting their personal touch into the final style of the bar.

rock solid rustic bar

Can you believe these bars were built by people that never used a power tool in their life? If, they can build a bar like this, so can you!

rock solid rustic

To see more bars built by our customers, take a look at our basement bar ideas post.

These bars will give you inspiration for your own project and give you an idea of how customers made the bar plans their own.

rock solid rustic

Multipurpose Bar Cart

If you need a small bar for storage or serving area then a portable bar cart would be a great option for you!

This bar cart can be decorated on one side as a stylish console table then rotated 360 to act as a bar area or buffet.

This isn’t your typical bar, this is a functional piece of furniture!

Our portable bar can be used as a mini bar, console table, prep space, craft station, storage, and much more!

bar cart plans

A bar on wheels will add additional entertaining space and storage wherever you need it.

To simplify your project and take out the guess work, we created plans for this exact mini bar.

Our plans are broken down step by step, so a new woodworker can build this exact bar without feeling overwhelmed.

The plans also include a cut list, so you can save on lumber and prevent waste when building this bar.

3d image of bar cart plans


If you aren’t quite ready to take on building a bar or need inspiration for your own design then you will enjoy viewing bars built by our customers.

All of the bars shown were built using our bar plans and altered by the customer to fit their personal style and space.

Feel free to comment below with any questions. Let us know what you want to see next!

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