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Alabaster Sherwin Williams 7008

On the hunt for a warm shade of white? You can stop searching because we found the color that you’ve been looking for. Alabaster sounds like it would be another shade of white because of the name, but that is not the case with this paint color.

This Sherwin color takes on a a warm shade off white once it is painted onto walls. The lighting and surrounding flooring in a room can change the look and feel of this color.

Alabaster SW 7008

The color Alabaster by Sherwin is a warm and balanced shade of white. Alabaster is a simple color that doesn’t overpower the space. Instead, the color compliments the surrounding tones and gives off a cozy feeling.

The color can appear more warm depending on the natural lighting and wood tones in the room.


Alabaster Hex Code: #EDEAE0

RGB: 237 / 234 / 224

LRV: 82

Alabaster Light Reflective Value (LRV)

The light reflective score has a rating system between 0 and 100. If a paint colors has a score closer to 0, this means the color absorbs light and will make a room feel dark.

A paint color with a score closer to 100, would give off a bright and light feeling. This would help make a room feel larger and give off a light airy feeling.

Alabaster has a reflection score of 82 making this a great color to choose to brighten up a room.

This color will not overpower a room compared to a dark paint color. Instead, this color will blend into the background and coordinate with its surroundings.

Is Sherwin Alabaster yellow?

SW Alabaster is not considered yellow. The color can appear warmer depending on the lighting. So, make sure to test this color in several places in your home before you commit to several gallons of it.

This color simply blends into the background without compete against the colors. Alabaster can compliment those outdated bone fixtures.

Instead of competing against those bone fixtures, this paint color makes them look better because it blends with the similar warm tones.

alabaster sherwin williams

Is Sherwin Alabaster a true white color?

Alabaster is not a shade stark cold white, but it is in the white color family. The color is very light and bright with warm undertones showing through.

When you think of a light and cozy room, this color is that feeling. Alabaster brings bright and warm tones to the room.

Alabaster Sherwin Williams Undertones

The undertones in Alabaster are beige and white, which give this color a subtle light greige feeling. This color is the right combinations of warmth and white, which it was featured as the color the month in April 2022.

Alabaster Bathroom

Below is a before and after of my bathroom from Riverway SW to Alabaster SW. This bathroom does not have any natural lighting, so the bold green blue overpowered this small bathroom.

Alabaster complimented and soften the tones from the bone toilet, shower, and flooring. Believe it or not not, I used a half gallon of scrap ceiling paint to prime the walls before painting them Alabaster.

For more tips and tricks to save time and money when painting try our paint tips!

alabaster bathroom


After painting my guest bathroom this color, I plan to update my other bathrooms in my home because they have the same bone fixtures.

Alabaster is the perfect shade of white because it brings soft tones and warmth to any room.

If you aren’t sure how Alabaster by Sherwin Williams will appear in your own home, take a look at these other white colors.

To get a better idea of how the color will look in your space, copy the hex code mentioned above for Alabaster then take a photo of your room.

Upload the photo to Canva to manipulate the background of the photo with the paint color.

There are a number of was to adjust the photo in Canva, so get creative with some of the tools in their platform.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.