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10 Inexpensive Powder Room Decor Ideas

If you are struggling to decorate your small powder room, we have some great ideas that will spice up your powder room.

These powder room decor ideas will give an outdated bathroom a quick makeover on a budget. You can seriously transform your bathroom in a few hours or less without breaking the bank.

How can I make my powder room look nice?

To make a powder room look nice, you should consider adding warm wood tones, greenery, texture

Add a Small Rug

Swap out a plain white mat for a small textured rug with a pop of color. If you recently changed the look of your vanity and mirrors this is an easy way to help bring the color scheme together.

Give your powder room a refresh for as little as $25 by laying a rug down.

powder decor room ideas
Photo: Instagram @simonsdesignstudio

Painting a Vanity

Removing a bathroom vanity is not that hard, but it is not as easy to install a new vanity because of all of the plumbing.

Reconnecting plumbing can be time consuming since the new vanity might not line up correctly with the existing plumbing.

Instead of buying an new vanity, grab a can of cabinet paint and new hardware to update the existing vanity with these easy to follow tips.

bathroom refresh
Photo: Instagram @peoniesandtwine

Changing the color of a vanity and replacing the hardware can be done under $100. This project can be completed in a weekend and does not require any demo either.


Changing curtains is another affordable powder room refresh that will make a big difference in the space.

Find a set of curtains that has texture to bring interest to the space and coordinate with existing decor in the bathroom.

Frame a Bathroom Mirror

A builder grade mirror does not do much for a room because it is lacking character. Adding a wood frame around a bathroom mirror will dramatically update the look of the space.

You can frame any size bathroom mirror for as little as $40 and you do not have to remove it from the wall.

Powder Room Mirrors

If you aren’t looking to take on a DIY project, you could still find an expensive mirror to place right above the vanity.

A vanity looks nice with medium sized rounded mirror instead of a rectangular mirror with sharp corners.

Consider adding rounded mirrors for an inexpensive update to your powder room.

powder room mirrors

Light Fixture

You could remove the existing light fixture and update it with a couple coats of spray paint or buy a new one all together.

If your current light fixture is in decent shape, you could swap out the outdated glass for new rounded globes.

Home improvements stores sell the glass for light fixtures for as little as $6 per glass shade.

So, before removing the entire fixture determine if a new glass shade would make a difference.

You could have a whole new fixture for around $30-$40 just by changing the glass shades.

If you want to replace the entire fixture, you could find a decent one for under $150.

Hang Shelving

Hanging shelves will allow you to display small decor items and help make a space feel complete.

This powder room does not have much room for decorating, but adding these shelves maximized the space.

poweder room ideas
Photo: Instagram @themerrythought

Paint the Walls

Painting the walls is another inexpensive way to give your bathroom a refresh in a weekend. Before selecting a paint color, determine the look you are going for or if you are trying to tone down a color.

For instance I have an outdated tile in my bathroom that pulls hideous orange tones if it is near certain colors.

I went with a neutral greige color to tone down the orange from the existing tile.

The neutral color also paired nicely with my gray green bathroom vanity that I painted. If you are new to painting then you will find these painting tips very helpful.

Powder Room Decor Ideas

I know it sounds weird to add decor to your powder room, but displaying a few simple items will make the space feel welcoming.

Hanging a small piece of wall art, shelves, or adding greenery will brighten up the space while adding warmth.

powder room decor ideas

Before going out to the store to spend money, shop your home for items that can be moved into the bathroom.

Sometimes a quick coat of spray paint will give a frame or a vase a whole new look.

Powder Room Wall Paper

If you have a small wall in your powder room, you could add an accent wall in this space. An accent wall in a small bathroom is unexpected, but a fun way to go bold.

Since a powder room isn’t a large space, this is the perfect place to do a design that you wouldn’t try in a big space like a living room.

So, if there is a wallpaper or textured accent wall that you have been wanting to try then this is a great place to try it out.

If you don’t love it a year later then it is a small section of the wall that can be updated in a weekend.


The great thing about a powder room is it is a small space that is easy to change frequently. I lost count of the numbers of times that I have repainted my powder room over the years.

I have moved several decor items in and out of my powder room to change the look and feel too. If you are looking for even more powder room decor ideas, you will love these ideas by Houzz.