How to Make a DIY Frame for a Bathroom Mirror

Builder grade bathroom mirrors aren’t the most attractive or decorative item, but it can be MUCH more appealing with a simple DIY mirror frame.

Framing a bathroom mirror is a quick, easy, and affordable way to dramatically update your bathroom without replacing anything.

A DIY mirror frame can be customized for any size builder grade bathroom mirror.

I’m going to show you how to frame a bathroom mirror on a large, 58 x 42 inch bathroom mirror.

diy mirror frame
Before Painting the Vanity and Framing the Mirror

DIY Mirror Frame for Builder Grade Mirror

The frame that I picked out for my builder grade mirror is very basic baseboard.

This mirror frame measures 2 inches wide, and a ¼ inch thick.

You can pick something intricate or wider as there is a large selection of baseboard to choose from.

The bathroom mirror frame can be painted or stained in color you any color that matches the bathroom in your home.

I decided to paint my mirror frame the same color as the bathroom vanity that I painted for an easy bathroom update.

Both the mirror frame and bathroom vanity were painted the color Complex Gray by Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel.

DIY Mirror Frame – Shopping Checklist

How to Cut the Mirror Frame

I cut the two short sides on 45 degree angles at 42 inches long each.

The long sides were also cut at 45 degrees (both sides put together make a perfect 90 degree angle – High school for the win) and they were each cut at 59 inches.

I know what you’re thinking: “But you said your mirror was only 58 inches long.

Do you even math, bro”? …well, it’s always better to have more than less and the overlap certainly doesn’t hurt because I wanted to make sure it covered the entire mirror.

Notching the Mirror Frame

Now then, after your pieces are cut, you might run into the issue of the mounts holding the mirror up.

There are probably 4 of them – 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom.

Those are holding the mirror in place so it’s important that I didn’t remove them unless I wanted the mirror to explode all over my bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame for builder grade mirror
How to make notches in the DIY mirror frame for a builder grade mirror

This part can be a bit tricky and you might know a better way of doing this than me.

The first step is to hold to the long frame pieces up to the mirror and draw an outline on the wood where the clips will align on the frame.

Definitely make the outline bigger because, it gives you some play so the frame actually aligns.

You will need some wiggle room with these.

Now you’ll want to chisel out a gap in the frame where you traced your clips.

I used a multi tool to carefully make small etches in the wood, then made etches in the other direction so it was like a tiny checker board.

After that, I just “dug it out” with a chisel and hammer, again careful to not puncture the front side.

how to paint a bathroom frame

Tip – Save Brushes!

To use a brush again, simply place the wet brush into an air tight plastic bag.

The brush can typically last up to a week in the bag, so the brush can be used multiple times for your project.

That is as complex as it gets. I had to make sure it was deep enough that the frame was flush against the mirror.

It took me a couple tries as I was careful that I didn’t go too deep.

Make sure you dry fit your frame to make sure everything aligns before adhering it.

How to Paint a DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

After the frame has been cut to size, give the frame a light sanding then wipe down to begin painting.

I recommend painting or staining the mirror frame after all of the cuts have been made.

Behr Interior Semi- Gloss Enamel

If you want to learn more about this paint, and why I chose to use this view my post here.

I explain why I used this paint on my bathroom vanity and mirror frame.

This paint is great for kitchen cabinets too!

I used a Wooster Angled Brush to I apply the paint to the front surface and the back surface of the mirror frame.

DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame for builder grade mirror
Painting the DIY Mirror Frame

If you are painting a larger mirror frame, you could also use a high density foam paint roller to smooth out brush strokes.

Before applying the 2nd coat of paint, I let the mirror frame dry for a couple hours in between coats of paint.

I also, applied 1 thin coat of paint to the back of the mirror frame because you will see a some of the back in the reflection of the mirror.

Make sure to save the Wooster Angled brush in an airtight plastic bag, so you can reuse the brush again.

You might need to touch up a few areas after removing the painter’s tape.

Somehow I only had a small spot on the mirror frame that needed another coat of paint.

cabinet kit alternative

Adhering the DIY Mirror Frame to Builder Grade Mirror

To adhere it to the mirror, I used Loctite – Mirror, Marble, and Granite Adhesive.

I put some on the back of each frame piece in a wave pattern, to make sure that some of the adhesive will make contact with the mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Frame Install to builder grade mirror
The notch on the DIY mirror frame is lined up with the mount

I started with the bottom piece and once it was in place, pressed firmly.

I used painters tape to hold it in place until it dried (48 hours at least).

After that, I did the same thing for the two side pieces and then the top piece last.

diy mirror frame over builder grade mirror
Press firmly on the DIY mirror frame to adhere it to the bathroom mirror
bathroom frame for builder grade mirror
The frame should line up exactly with the edges of your bathroom mirror.
diy frame for builder grade mirror
I went a little crazy with the painter’s tape on the mirror frame. You do not need this much!
how to paint a mirror frame for a builder grade mirror
Touch up paint on the bathroom mirror frame after removing the painter’s tape.

If you don’t want to spend a ton of time and money to renovate your your bathroom, a painted vanity and mirror frame can make a big difference!

I have painted every room in my home, painted my kitchen cabinets, several pieces of furniture, and more.

So, I decided to paint my bathroom vanity for a quick update instead of removing it.

I explain how to paint a vanity and how to build a simple mirror frame to match.

Read on to see how to paint a vanity – the proper way, so your painted vanity will last!

diy bathroom mirror frame
AFTER –Learn How to Paint Your Bathroom Vanity!

We recently replaced the outdated Hollywood glam light fixture with an in expensive brushed nickel fixture.

Come back soon for an update on how to install a light fixture.

This was an easy way to take the bathroom up a notch with minimal cost and minimal work.

It doesn’t always have to be a massive reno project to add value to your home! It’s the simple detail that can make the difference sometimes.

Comment below with any questions.

How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity

I upgraded my bathroom vanity and mirror frame under $100! View our post to see how they both turned out.

My Favorite Paint Products

I’m a paint fanatic and I literally painted my house top to bottom, which includes the ceiling. I also painted my vanity, kitchen cabinets, and furniture. It’s safe to say I am also particular with my products (after a lot of trial and error) so I listed my favorite ones here.

Mistakes Wives Make When it Comes to – Home Décor, Home Improvement, and DIY Projects

I can browse the bathmat isle for at least 20 minutes at Home Goods trying to carefully select the correct mat. I have a lot to consider in this isle and my husband doesn’t understand the thought process that goes into selecting such a simple item.

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  1. This is perfect! I was actually thinking about doing this exact same thing in our bathrooms and now I have the full tutorial to make it happen! Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel – Glad to hear that you found our post helpful. We also, have another post on how to easily update your vanity with paint to match your mirror frame on our website. Let us know if you have any questions with your projects!

      -Lacey & Brian

  2. Hi! I am new to DIY but am I missing how the side of the mirror is flush to the wall when the frame is glued to the mirror? I don’t understand how the frame is flat to the wall and also over the mirror. Does that make sense?

    1. Hi Jess!
      Thanks for reaching out, so the frame does not actually rest against the wall. The frame goes directly over the mirror, and matches up edge to edge with the mirror. I just took a close up photo of the frame to show how the frame lays over top of the mirror. Scroll through the post to get a better idea of what it looks like. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!

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