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How to Decorate with Pampas Grass Decor

Who would have thought dried plants could be so beautiful?! Pampas Grass decor and palm leaves look great with any style because they bring texture into a room.

Decorating with dried plants is easier than you think because they are typically a neutral color, so they easily blend with your existing decor.

Pampas Grass Decor Adds Texture

Have you ever walked into a room and thought something is missing? Most likely the texture wasn’t right or was missing all together.

Sometimes this can lead to a room looking cold or boring, so always consider adding texture.

Most dried plants are easy to decorate with because they are a faded color or a neutral color. Dried pampas grass is easy to decorate with and brings a lot of texture into a space.

pampas grass decor
Pampas in a tall floor vase

Decorating with texture makes a space more inviting and interesting because it finishes the space.

If you need some decorating ideas, below is a picture of my my master bedroom makeover on a budget!

Caring for Dried Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance. When they first arrive you should carefully remove them from the package and take them outside.

Gently shake any excess feathers and let them rest in the sun for a couple of hours.

How to Maintain Dried Pampas Grass Decor

To help maintain the shape of the pampas grass, you can spray them with a little bit of hairspray.

I did not spray mine with hairspray and they are still very fluffy and full even months later.

However, some pampas might not be as full as mine so you may need to spray them with hair spray to help shape them.

If you take care of your dried plants most of them can last a couple of years or even longer.

pampas grass decor
Brown pampas in a clear vase

Pampas Grass Decor – Bunny Tails

Bunny tails are another beautiful dried plant that pairs nicely with pampas grass decor. They are simply, fluffy, and come in a variety of colors to match any decor.

Bunny tails look great by themselves in a small vase for bridal shower decor or mixed in with other floral for a larger centerpiece for a wedding

The nice thing about bunny tails is that you don’t need a lot to fill a vase. You could go for a more simple look with just a few stems to change up your home decor.

bunny tails

Dried Pampas Grass and Natural Lunaria

Lunaria is another dried plant that can easily be mixed into your existing decor style. You can even mix in dried pampas grass to add more texture and fill out a vase of Lunaria.

Lunaria also, looks great on it own as you can see below. A more simple vase like this one would also pair nicely with lunaria.

pampas grass decor
Pampas and Lunaria


If you aren’t into pampas grass decor or you want to mix another dried plant into your space than you will love dried palm leaves!

These palm leaves are very low maintenance and do not shed like some other dried plants.

I added palm leaves in front of my DIY pottery barn copycat canvas to make this canvas look less homemade.

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