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How to Add Texture to a Living Room

Does your living room feel bland? Here are a few tricks on how to add texture to a living room to create a more interesting space.

Easily bring texture into a room without making the space feel cluttered with this decor. Decorating with texture makes a room visually pleasing!

How to Add Texture to a Living Room

If you struggle with committing to a color scheme then adding texture is your best option.

You can layer various textures to make an all neutral space feel interesting or easily mix in bold colors for a dramatic look.

how to add texture to a living room

To add texture to a living room you should first determine the color scheme for the room that you are decorating.

Texture can be monochromatic color scheme or a mixture of colors.

If you are going for an all neutral theme, consider using various shades of neutrals to give your room a cozy feel.

Using the same color throughout will make your room look stark, so make sure to break up the color.

For example try to add black, ivory, cognac, navy, or green to break up an all gray room.

Why a Living Room Needs Texture

Your goal when decorating should be to create a space that you don’t want to leave.

Texture can help add layers and warmth to a room without making the room feel disorganized and busy.

Bringing texture into a room can also help you use color in a different or more interesting way.

How to add Texture to a Living Room with an Accent Wall

Adding an modern farmhouse accent wall can bring in a ton of texture and serves as wall décor for the space.

The accent wall can be painted a bold color to really pop or a neutral color for a subtle calming feel. An accent wall can easily be added texture to a living room in a weekend for less than $100!

how to add texture to a living room

Baskets, Vases, and Floral

Baskets bring a lot of texture and warmth to a room with a natural color that matches existing home decor.

Another way to add texture is by using dried pampas grass decor. Pampas are a fun way to add personality to a space and decorate with neutral tones.

DIY Basket Wall Art

Sometimes Modern Farmhouse decor can feel a bit trendy, so instead of buying all new decor, make it yourself!

Here is a fun and cheap way to make your own wall art out of placemats that will bring texture into your room!

diy basket art
DIY Basket Art!

Decorating with Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is an easy way to change the feel of a room, even just a small section of wallpaper will really pop.

If you have a boring bookcase then you should try adding wallpaper in the back, so when you look into the bookcase you see the wallpaper.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

This is an easy and cheap way to bring in modern farmhouse decor to a boring couch or an accent chair.

I finally figured out how to put together a decent set of throw pillows with a few tips and tricks.

It used to take me hours to match 4 pillows in Home Goods, but with my tricks you can easily mix and match pillows throw pillows for couch.

throw pillows for couch

Plants and Florals

Believe it or not, plants can add texture to a room while make a space cozy.

Plants can also, brighten a room up and make a space feel more inviting.

how to add texture to a room

Decorating with Textured Lamps

A lamp shade or the base of a lamp can have texture while providing a warm glow to a room.

Here are the lamps that are on my night stand. I bought these years ago from Target and love them!

How to Add Texture to a Living Room – Wall Art and Frames

Woven art, laser cut, or metal art are also easy ways to add texture to a room.

Displaying a honeycomb picture frame or a wood frame will help you layer in more texture.

Add Books for Height

Stack books underneath a small succulent can bring in texture while also, increasing the height of the item on top of the book.

Decorating with books can help make small items really stand out by displaying decor on top of a couple books.

Rugs Easily Add Texture to a Living Room

An area rug with a textured design can allow you to mix in different colors that you might not typically use in a room.

Then pick a few colors from the rug that you want to accent in your room with curtains, pillow, wall art, and more with these 9 texture ideas!

Conclusion – Texture Brings Meaning

Textures not only bring meaning and layers to a room, but they just make it easier to decorate.

I used to struggle to make sense of home decor until I realized what a difference texturing can do for a room.

Maybe its because the items without texture are boring or I just didn’t pick the right items for the space.

Texture is a timeless look, so you can’t go wrong with adding it to any space.

Well, expect for popcorn ceilings that is not timeless, so don’t add this type of texture to your room.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.