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Decorate your Bedroom with Modern Farmhouse Style

I finally figured out how to decorate my bedroom with modern farmhouse bedroom decor. I love my master bedroom decor and find myself relaxing in my bedroom more often.

When I purchased my first home, I had no idea what my style was.

There was a mishmash of styles in each room that didn’t give my home that cozy feeling that I was looking for.

How to Decorate a Space

I added random decor throughout my home that I thought looked nice, but didn’t consider the overall flow of my home.

So, here is what you need to know before you decorate any space, your personal style!

I had no idea what my style was and I ended up spending more money than I should have trying to get it right.

Know your Design Style!

If you know you style in the beginning then it is so much easier to decorate your bedroom.

My bedroom did not have calming color scheme, and the theme just wasn’t my style.

I tried to be cheap and avoid spending money on master bedroom decor, but I am glad that I finally did because I walk into this space and smile now.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor:

Master Bedroom Decor Style

When we moved into our home it had a huge palm leaf ceiling fan in the master bedroom that took over the whole room.

Instead of changing the fan, I attempted to decorate around the fan by adding tropical decor.

I would not consider my style tropical, but I thought this would be a fun change from my typical modern farmhouse bedroom style.

The color scheme in my bedroom was bright greens, taupe, and a few different shades of blue.

master bedroom makeover
Before! Btw I still don’t make my bed often 🙂

How to Decorate your Master Bedroom

Most of the tropical decor that I purchased to decorate my bedroom was on sale because I don’t think this theme is very appealing to many.

I hung all of my tropical decor on the walls and fluffed the palm leaf pillows to complete my master bedroom.

The tropical theme didn’t look terrible, but it just didn’t feel right for my home.

The master bedroom decor lack that calming feeling, and the colors were too bold for the space.

Time to Redecorate

Since the tropical master bedroom decor was not working, I thought it was time to give the space an update.

Before I started to decorate my bedroom, I browsed online for ideas and to find out what my style was.

It was officially time to retire the palm leaf fan, and hang a new ceiling fan because I realized I wanted a modern farmhouse bedroom.

master bedroom makeover
New fan!

My Master Bedroom Design Plan

Then I chose my color scheme to fit the modern farmhouse bedroom I was dreaming of.

I chose a muted color palate with neutrals, wood tones, and pops of black.

The pops of black are on my ceiling fan, the curtain rod, and other master bedroom decor.

The ceiling fan has lighter wood grain on the fan blades to brighten and warm up the space.

Tips to Decorate a Small Bedroom

If you are not decorating a large space then removing a large fan can make a big difference when you decorate a small bedroom.

Now that the palm leaves have been removed, I reupholstered my DIY headboard from navy to textured shade of taupe fabric.

Since I was decorating my bedroom with a lot of neutrals, I thought adding texture would help break the the room but still keep it calm.

A neutral color scheme will make a small bedroom feel much larger, and adding texture will make the space more interesting.

Then I changed the sheets to a bright white and added a bright white bed skirt to make the bottom the bed look neater.

These sheets are the best sheets that I have ever owned! They are hotel feel on a budget.

For around $40 you can have a set of deep fitting comfy sheets.

Master Bedroom Wall Color

I recommend choosing a calming and simple color palate for a bedroom.

Going bold in this space is not usually a good idea because it feels busy and it might be hard to settle your mind.

If you want to go bold in this space then consider adding a small accent wall with a pop of color.

An accent wall will give just a little color and will be much easier to change, if you get tired of this look.

You could even add pops of color in your wall art, picture frames, pillows, etc.

These are easier items to change instead of painting a wall.

If you prefer cool color tones, I would select a color with a gray undertone.

Chose a color with a golden undertone, if you prefer a warmer color.

I went with a neutral shade of greige that matches with everything because I didn’t want to repaint this space anytime soon.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

To give your bedroom a modern farmhouse look you will want to add pops of black, wood, and greenery.

First determine the color of your curtain rod, ceiling fan or light fixture.

I would match the colors of your curtain rod and ceiling fan or light fixture to tie in the theme.

I went with a black fan with light wood blades, black curtain rod with ivory curtains, and a black desk chair.

Color Scheme, Texture, and Pattern

Next you should think about where you will add a pattern, texture, and a muted color.

This makes the room interesting and breaks up the neutral color palate without taking away from the calming feeling.

Then I added a muted shade of green with throw pillows and and neutral pattern on my curtains.

Since I went with a cooler color palate, to warm up the space I added wood tones and greenery.

modern farmhouse bedroom
Spray Painted Curtain Rod!

Decorate Your Bedroom with Texture

I added texture in my DIY headboard and comforter to add visual weight to my bedroom.

If you feel like taking on a bigger project, you can had some texture in an accent wall.

The nice thing about an accent wall, is the wall will need very little decor if any to make the space feel complete.

I easily added this accent wall to my son’s nursey in a long weekend.

The accent wall that I added to the room is very bold, but it is perfect for an ocean theme.

If you want to add this accent wall, it can easily be installed and altered to fit your space.

You can even increase or decrease the amount of boxes in this design, so you can purchase less lumber for the project.

Adding Patterns to Your Bedroom

I added a neutral pattern on the curtains and a washed out stripped patter on my throw pillows.

Adding patterns and color are usually tricky to me because I prefer a very simple clean look.

I am not an interior decorator, but I find choosing a patter, color, and a texture works best.

Wish I knew this sooner because this could have saved me a ton of time in the throw pillow isle of Home Goods.

For some reason I always drag my husband to home decor stores because I want him to feel involved in the process.

He ends up cramping my style and I can’t think then my whole them is thrown off.

So, don’t make these same mistakes when it comes to decorating your bedroom!

modern farmhouse bedroom

How to Redecorate for Less

To redecorate your space for less, start by shopping your home.

Look through home decor that you already have that can be moved around or repurposed.

If you have an outdated item, consider painting or staining it to give it a whole new feel.

You do not have to go out an buy all new decor to change your room.

So, take a look at your room and decide what needs to go and what can be updated with a coat of paint.

Decide on which items you are going to splurge on and save a few dollars on other items that won’t make a huge difference in the space.

I splurged on a new fan, throw pillows, and sheets.

Most of the items in my bedroom were able to be repurposed and moved around.

I was obligated to buy a new fan, there is only so much that you can do with a huge palm leaf ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan has light wood tone blades and I added a small wood sign above my bed with green wreaths on either side.

Since the wood sign is tiny, the green wreaths were only $3 each and help balance out the space while warming it up.

Printable Art

You can find a ton of cute printable art on Etsy for only a few dollars or you can even make your own art in a program like Canva.

Simply print the art at home on quality cardstock paper or get the art printed at a place like Staples.

Printing the same photo 3- 4 times and displaying in a symmetrical layout will look very appealing.

Remember less is more in this space, so don’t feel like you have to decorate every wall.

I made the mistake of decorating every wall and the room felt too busy and unorganized.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another easy item to paint to match your new color palate.

If you are adding black or a bold color to your space then you might want to consider, spray painting all of your frames the same color.

You can even match the frames to your new printable art color scheme.

Updating Outdated Home Decor

For instance an ugly vase can look totally different with a coat of spray paint and a new floral arrangement.

I had a dark orange wood tone curtain rod that I sanded and spray painted black to give it a whole new feel.

A good quality curtain rod can cost $25 or more, so this is an easy way to save some money.

It might not sound like a significant amount of money, but when you are redecorating an entire space it starts to add up quickly.

Painted a lamp or changing the lampshade can also make a huge difference.

Consider buying pillow covers online to cover throw pillows that you just don’t love.

Buying pillow covers makes me feel less guilty because I am still technically using the original pillow.

Plus I don’t have to worry about storing a bunch of pillows somewhere in my home.

These are just a few simple ideas to change up your room without spending a lot.


Lucky for me my comforter was already a neutral color, so I was able to use the existing bedding that I had.

I just needed to purchase new sheets, shams, and a bed skirt to update my space.

If you aren’t so lucky, then you can consider a duvet cover or a throw blanket to lay on the foot of your bed to tie in your new color scheme.

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