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Small Bathroom Ideas That Elevate The Space

These small bathroom ideas will dramatically increase the feel of the square footage without the demo. Making a feel changes can give make your bathroom appear much large, while giving it a custom look.

If you have a tight budget, you can save money by doing most of these things yourself. These ideas might look expensive, but they are more affordable than you think.

Simply laying tile down in a different pattern can dramatically elevate the design of a small bathroom.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

There are a few tricks to make a bathroom feel larger, but one of my favorite is to add vertical tile. Tiling the space behind a bathroom mirror with vertical tile will help elongate the space.

The tiles also help bring texture and visual interest to a space without overpowering the small bathroom.

Another option to elongate a bathroom wall would be to place the tile in herring bone pattern to add more of a custom look and feel.

vertical tile in small bathroom

Unique Wall Feature

Adding an unexpected wall feature is one of our favorite small bathroom ideas to elevate the space. Take it a step further by building recessed shelving with lighting to display decor or toiletries.

Purchase neutral colored bottles or fun colors to pour your products into, so they blend with the design style of your bathroom.

small bathroom with wood accent wall

Floor to Ceiling Shower Tile

Another way to increase the feel of a bathroom without actually demoing the walls, is to add floor to ceiling shower tile.

This shower looks huge because of the floor to ceiling herring bone pattern tile that was chosen for this bathroom.

Herring bone makes a simple subway tile feel as though an interior designer decorate the space.

small bathroom ideas

Add Large Bathroom Mirrors

You can either give your current mirror a makeover or replace it with larger mirrors to make the space feel larger.

The nice thing about using your current mirror, is that you do not have to remove anything! You are simply adding 4 pieces of wood around your existing mirror.

The wood can be stained or painted any color to match the style of your small bathroom.

Adding a frame will dramatically change the look of your space and only cost a few dollars.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

DIY Wood Shelves

Decorating the space behind the toilet is tricky, so an easy way to fill the space is to add wall decor or shelving.

Mounting shelves is a great way to decorate with small glass bottles, plants, candles, and other random decor.

These floating picture shelves are easy and inexpensive to make, so don’t buy them, make them instead!

bathroom updates on a budget, bathroom shelves

Paint a Bathroom Vanity a Fun Color

Instead of replacing a bathroom vanity, give it an affordable update with a fun paint color. Painting a bathroom vanity is easier than you think with a few tips and tricks.

I found the best paint for painting cabinets that can withstand moisture and mildew, making it perfect for a bathroom.

Painting a vanity will cost around $20 instead of spending hundreds or more on a brand new vanity.

Install a New Vanity

If your current bathroom vanity isn’t worth salvaging, you can replace it with a more modern vanity that better fits the space.

Make sure to select the correct size vanity to allow doors to open a close properly in a small bathroom.

Another things to keep in mind is that even though a larger vanity might fit into your small bathroom, it might actually make the bathroom feel cramped.

So, be mindful when selecting the size and color of your bathroom vanity.

Installing New Tile Flooring

The existing floor in my bathroom with cheap builder grade laminate, so I decided I would give tiling a try.

My sister wanted her powder room tiled, so I offered to help because she was happy for free labor and didn’t care if it wasn’t the best work.

It was the perfect place to get my tiling confidence up before taking on my bathroom with my Type A personality wife LOL.

budget very small bathroom ideas
Here is my sister’s bathroom after I installed the tile, not bad for a beginner!

Laying the actual tile down was easy, but making some of the cuts around the toilet were a little tricky.

I am really happy with my tile job, and I would definitely tile again if I needed to because it was worth the savings.

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