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Easy Ways to Use Up Scrap Wood

After cleaning out my garage, I found a bunch of good quality scrap wood leftover from other projects.

I decided to make some home decor and small furniture out of the scrap wood instead of throwing it out. 

All of the home decor and furniture that I have made, are my most favorite pieces in my home.

I quickly get bored of my store bought decor, but when I build something I have different feeling about it.

I walk around from room to room in my home, and I smile when I see something that I made.

Seeing something that you made instead of bought, gives you such a self satisfied feeling.

Here are a few projects that can be made from scrap wood. I will continue to add more scrap wood projects as I clean out the garage!

Scrap Wood Coat Rack

I used a 1×4 inch piece of birch scrap wood to make this coat rack. Simply determine the length and cut the wood to size.

The piece of scrap wood that I had was 29 inches long, so I went with this length because it fit perfectly in the entry of my home.

Then I gave the wood a light sand with fine sand paper to smooth the surface before staining.

After the wood was completely sanded and wipe down, I stained the wood using Rust-Oleum’s Varathane stain in Kona.

I only applied one coat of Kona stain to this scrap wood shelf because I was going for a rustic look. After the stain dried, I adhered the piece of wood to the studs on the wall using two wood screws.

I recommend adhering this to studs because a few coats can really get heavy. 

Now the piece of wood has been adhered to studs on the wall, you can begin attaching the coat hooks. 

Scrap Wood Shelves

I used a 1×6 inch piece of birch scrap wood to make this shelf. First I cut the shelf to the same length of the coat rack because I planned on hanging this directly above the coat rack. 

diy coat rack using scrap wood
DIY Coat Rack Made from Scrap Wood

The piece of scrap wood that I used for the coat rack was 29 inches long, so I went with this length because so it would line up directly over the coat rack.

Then I sanded and stained the wood using Rust-Oleum’s Varathane stain in Kona. I only applied one coat of stain to this shelf to match the coat rack. 

Once the shelf was completely dried, I adhered the shelf directly over top of the coat rack. I also made sure to adhere this shelf to a stud to make sure it could hold a good amount of weight. 

coat rack with shelf made from scrap wood
Here is the completed shelf with coat rack

DIY Floating Picture Shelves

Not only are these shelves very inexpensive to make, they are very easy to put together. As a matter of fact, we made 6 different sets of shelves to give to family and friends as gifts.

Everyone that we gave these floating shelves to, really loved them.

If you need a quick, easy, and affordable gift idea, these floating picture shelves are it! Bringing these shelves as a gift to a housewarming party, will blow your friends and family away.

They’ll notice that you put the time and effort in to make something for their new home. If you need frames, I purchased these frames as a set to go with the shelves.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Isn’t it crazy that some coffee tables can run close to a thousand dollars? Most of them are just made of flimsy cheap particle board and aren’t even made of solid planks of wood.

diy coffee table with scrap wood
DIY Coffee using Scrap Wood

This farmhouse coffee table will run you around just $40. My brother followed these same instructions and made a coffee table with a matching end table.

Scrap Wood Jewelry Organizer

DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

This is a super simple idea to display, organize, and hold your jewelry so that it’s not only easy to find but literally looks like a work of art.

I came across this idea because my wife wanted a jewelry organizer to easily select what she wanted to wear.

diy jewelry organizer

After she recommended a piece of cardboard with hooks hanging from it, I came up with a better idea. Guys, if you don’t have any idea what to get your wife/girlfriend/sister/mom, build her this picture frame jewelry organizer

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