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8 Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

These wood paneling makeover ideas will inspire you to embrace your vintage wall or freshen it up with a coat of paint. Whatever your design style is a wood paneling wall is visually interesting due to the texture from the vertical lines throughout.

Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

You’ve seen many wood paneling makeover ideas where they simply paint the wall white. But have you seen a wood panel wall and ceiling all painted the same color of green? This room looks stunning painted in this neutral shade of green.

The matching green walls and ceiling are a bold choice, but it was worth the risk because it really elevates the space. This room looks as though it was decorated carefully by an interior designer.

wood paneling makeover ideas
Photo @roxizeeman

If you have a similar style wood paneling, you should consider painting the paneling the same color for a custom look and feel. A gray green paint color is a great choice for a bedroom because it is calming and warm at the same time.

Bold Wood Paneling

If you aren’t afraid of a moody paint color on the walls, you will love this wood paneling makeover idea. This kitchen painted wood paneling the same shade of slate blue to coordinate with the upper and lower cabinets. Then added pops of brass throughout to bring warmth and contrast to the design.

Photo @beginninginthemiddle

Slate blue is a great option that is bold, but blends nicely with existing paint colors and decor. The color is bold, but the gray undertones calm it down a bit so it is not a bright blue color.

White Wood Paneling Makeover Ideas

This is not just another one of those boring white wood paneling makeover ideas. Instead this home is painted in a creamy shade of white from wall to ceiling that increases the footprint without adding to it.

Warm wood tones on the staircase and fun lighting make this an inviting space to relax and entertain guests.

Photo @alta__projects

Layering Shelving over Paneling

Painting wood paneling a soft white and layering shelving directly over top of the paneling give this space a unique look. The warm stain color has a rich contrast against the neutral painted wood paneling.

Texture from the panel walls shows through the shelves nicely and adds more visual interest to this dining area. Anything you place onto these shelves will stand out beautifully with the white paneling as its backdrop.

Photo @dwellmagazine

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Partial Wood Panel Wall

This isn’t one of those dramatic wood paneling makeover ideas, but this a fresh take on the vintage panel wall. Panel walls made a big comeback in recent years with a variety of different styles, colors, and thicknesses.

Instead of removing all of the paneling, leaving a small section of paneling make this a visually appealing room. The warm red undertones from the paneling stand out beautifully against the bright white paint on the walls.

Photo @katielydoninteriors

Vintage Wood Paneling

Instead of trying to cover up or get rid of that vintage wood paneling wall, embrace the beauty of the cherry undertones. If your interior design style is mid century modern then a wood paneling wall would be perfect for you.

This home is decorated throughout with mid century furniture that captures the time frame perfectly for the wood panel walls. If mid century modern is your style then you should read these tips to decorate your own home.

vintage wood paneling
Photo @savagehouse1970

Charming Wood Paneling

It doesn’t always make sense to remove wood paneling if you are trying to keep the existing charm in the home intact. This home was built in the 1920’s and restored to display its original beauty and character from that time frame.

When updating an older home, it’s best to consider the design style and time period the home was built. Unless you are going to update every single area of the home, it makes the most sense to keep with the existing style but add in your own personal touch.

wood paneling makeover ideas
Photo @meganalexandrahome

Molding over Wood Paneling

Something about wood paneling can leave you underwhelmed. Adhering molding over top of the panel wall is an affordable makeover that modernizes the style.

Removing paneling is a big undertaking in any home, so this is another one of those great wood paneling makeover ideas that updates the space for less.

Working with what you have can sometimes make a home turn out better than planned. This space would be plain and boring without the vertical lines and custom molding.

wood paneling makeover ideas
Photo @hausbyemilymay


It doesn’t always make sense to do an expansive renovation in your home, especially if it is cover in paneling. Projects typically cost more than we expect because we run into unique issues and things get delayed during the renovation. Instead of a stressful project, consider one of these wood panel makeover ideas for your own home!