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Dreamy White Christmas Tree Ideas

These white Christmas tree ideas are so dreamy that they will make you want to decorate for the holidays the day after Halloween. The only trouble with this is that your kids will be asking if it is Christmas everyday for 50 plus days.

An all white Christmas tree might sound boring, but these trees are far from that. They are blend of neutral, monochromatic color, metallic, and packed with warmth.

White Christmas Tree Ideas

When you think of white Christmas tree ideas, you might be thinking of a tree that is completely white with bright white branches and bristles. These white trees are far from that style and bring a warm classic look.

white tree ideas

These white Christmas trees will be in style for many years to come because they have a subtle flocking on the branches and bristles. Flocking on a tree is a light to medium coating of faux snow.

Think of when the snow just falls onto a pine tree. The hunter green pine needles subtly show through the freshly fallen bright white powdery snow.

Luckily you don’t have to wait for the snow to fall to enjoy a beautiful white pine tree. These white Christmas tree ideas will bring that same look and feel to your own living room.

White Christmas Tree Ideas
photo @citrineliving

Gold and White Christmas Tree Ideas

A bright white Christmas tree can be a bit cold or stark if not decorated correctly. Bringing in warmth from gold and various shades of taupe can help cozy up the space.

gold and white christmas tree ideas
Photo @jay_lina_decor

The soft yellow undertones in the gold ornaments and holiday decorations give these living rooms an inviting feeling. Another thing to consider is adding texture and various sized ornaments and decor to break up the design.

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gold and white christmas tree
Photo @mystylemyhomemydecor

Modern Farmhouse White Christmas Tree

This white Christmas tree compliments its modern farmhouse surrounding with pops of cream, metallics, and textured ribbon. Every inch of this tree is decorated with carefully thought out symmetry and color.

The great thing about the ribbon is that it can help fill in most of the empty space on a tree. So, if you don’t have a ton of ornaments to decorate with, try weaving ribbon throughout your Christmas tree.

modern farmhouse christmas tree
Photo @kira_turner

Hunter Green and White Christmas Tree Ideas

This pine tree isn’t totally covered in a heavy flocking of white snow. Instead this tree has a light flocking giving the tree a subtle soft white color. The tree is decorated with an all neutral color palate filled with white, silver, and frosted glass ornaments that compliment the surroundings.

White Christmas Tree Ideas
Photo @savillamountain

Cozy Minimalistic White Christmas Tree

The sound of minimalistic might sound sparse or cold, but this seasonally decorated living room is far from that. A simple Christmas tree displayed with various shaped white ornaments and surrounding decor blend nicely in this space.

Many times we can overdecorate a space for the holidays making it look cramped and cluttered. This living room is decorated tastefully without overdecorating the space.

white christmas tree
Photo @armadiodigrace

The warm wood beams and wood planks bring visual interest and complete the design perfectly. This style of ceiling draws your eye upwards, making the room feel much larger than it actually is.

Neutral Christmas Decor

If bright white and glittery metallics aren’t quite your style, you might consider a neutral holiday decor palate. Christmas decor with a neutral color scheme can easily blend with existing items in your home.

neutral holiday decor
Photo @making_highview_home

This living room is tastefully decorated in an all neutral color palate, but still looks cozy and inviting for the holidays. If you are going for a minimalistic style tree, you will find these decorating tips helpful!

neutral Christmas
Photo @homebyjulianne


Are you tempted to decorate for the holidays after looking at these white Christmas tree ideas? We hope so because these trees are giving all of the Hallmark movies feels. Even if a bright white pine tree isn’t your style, you can mix in some of these ideas.

Take these ideas and make them your own to fit your own personal style and work with items that you already have. Spray painting old Christmas ornaments various shades of white and silver can help you achieve the same look without spending much money.