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8 Creative Recycled DIY Christmas Decorations

Shopping for seasonable decor is fun, but the price adds up quickly so instead make recycled DIY Christmas decorations. You might already have most of these items on hand to make new Christmas decor.

Before you rush out to Hobby Lobby, shop you home for decor that can be reproposed or given a quick makeover. Many times a coat of spray paint and floral will dramatically update an item.

Another option is to use that scrap wood or pile of cardboard boxes that has been taking up space in your garage for months. Scrap wood projects are the best because you can make a something for free while cleaning out your garage.

cheap diy christmas decor

2 x 4 Scrap Wood Snowmen

Turn that pile of scrap wood into snowmen by adding a few accessories and white washing the wood. These wooden snowmen are recycled DIY Christmas decorations that you will excited to display every holiday season.

I love decorating with snowmen because you can display them throughout the entire winter because they aren’t just Christmas decorations.

Recycled DIY Christmas Decorations

Amazon Box Christmas Trees

We all have extra cardboard boxes on hand, so instead of throwing them out recycle them into Christmas trees. All you need to make cardboard trees is yarn, hot glue, scissors, and a cardboard box.

Pop on your favorite Hallmark movie, grab a glass of wine, and get cozy in your sweats while making these adorable recycled DIY Christmas decorations.

Recycled DIY Christmas Decorations

Repurposed Holiday Decor

This isn’t a DIY project from scratch, but this is a good way to repurpose items that you already have stashed away in that seasonal tote. If you have miscellaneous decor that you no longer display, then you should give it a makeover.

A quick coat of spray paint and little greenery, will dramatically change the look of an item. I wasn’t using this lantern during the holiday season because it didn’t go with the rest of the my decor, so I decided to change the look with stone spray paint.

repurposed decor

Flocked Wreath

If you have an ugly wreath or small tree, then give it a brand new look with flocking spray or spray paint. I had this cheap holiday wreath that couldn’t look any worse no matter what I did to it.

So, I flocked it white spray paint and texturing spray to soften the hunter green bristles and give it a snowy look. Flocking is so easy with these tips and transforms the entire look of a wreath!

flocked holiday wreath project

Recylced Sweater Snowman

Who knew that outdated sweater with a hole in it could be turned into holiday decor. If you have an old sweater or scarf that you no longer wear, recycle it by making these cute sweater snowmen.

These snowmen are practically free to make, so take a look in your closet for items to use for recycled DIY Christmas decorations.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I don’t know about you, but I have at least 10 – 15 ornaments that are missing bows, hooks, and other miscellaneous pieces. These items all fall toward to the bottom of my ornament storage tote and never get used.

You might have a bunch of bows, floral, and other items that can be recycled into making a brand new ornament. So, collect all of the broken items and grab a glue gun to design a recycled DIY Christmas decorations like the ones below.

Wine Rack Turned into a Christmas Tree

This is such a neat way to repurpose an old wine rack that you aren’t using. Learn how to transform a wine rack into a tree in just a few steps!

Recycled Christmas Decor

Pool Noodle Candy Cane

This is such a cool way to use a pool noodle! Wrap a red pool noodle with white tape and a large bow to make a giant outdoor candy cane decorations.

This candy cane can be made from brand new items from the dollar store and items that you already have stashed in your holiday totes.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with items that you have lying around not being use. Even if these are good quality items, they are collecting dust. Most of the time it is more hassle than it is worth trying to resell the items because you only make a few dollars.

Instead turn these items in recycled DIY Christmas decorations that are free and fun to make! For more makeover ideas take a look at some of my other DIY home decor projects.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.