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Easy Spray Painted Light Fixture

Do you have a light fixture that would look brand new with a coat of paint? Well, the good news is a spray painted light fixture is an easy and affordable project that even a beginner can take on.

A spray painted light fixture is a cheap way to update any space in your home and put a personal touch on an item.

A light fixture doesn’t have to be your typical color palate of brass, silver, or black. You can add a pop of color to your light fixture to elevate the space and tie in a color scheme or even cool town the yellow of an outdated fixture.

Why I Spray Painted a Light Fixture

I was never crazy about the original light fixture in my guest bathroom because it felt too large and dark for the room.

So, I decided to remove the light fixture and replace it with a new fixture until I saw what was behind the fixture.

how to spray paint a light fixture

Behind the light fixture was an uncentered electrical box. Since the electrical box was not centered with the vanity, there wasn’t many light fixture options that would work.

So, instead I removed the light fixture and spray painted it a a shade of greige to better coordinate with the Alabaster paint color on the walls.

How to Spray Paint a Light Fixture

I recommend removing the light fixture then spray painting it outdoors if you can. Spray painting outdoors is always the best way to go because spray paint can have a strong smell and the paint can splatter.

So, turn off the power and the light switch then carefully remove the fixture to spray paint it outdoors.

After you have removed the light fixture from the wall or ceiling, unscrew the light bulbs and the glass before prepping for painting.

If you cannot remove the light fixture you can certainly try to paint it indoors, but make sure to properly prep the space.

Tips to Spray Paint a Light Fixture

If you are spray painting indoors, use a large trash bag or plastic covering to tarp the light fixture and surrounding areas.

If you are painting indoors make sure to open windows and wear appropriate protective equipment.

Next use painter’s tape to cover any areas that you do not want to spray paint such as the light bulb sockets and electrical wires.

Then place the light fixture on a large piece of cardboard or drop cloth outdoors and shake up your spray paint.

Make sure the electrical wires are covered or hidden behind the light fixture before spray painting as you want to avoid painting these.

spray painted light fixture

Evenly spray the light fixture with 1 thin coat of paint and allowing to dry several hours before applying additional coats.

I recommend walking around the light fixture when spray painting to make sure you covered all angles of the fixture.

You may need to prop the fixture up on the second coat of spray paint to better access certain areas.

Don’t forget to spray paint any necessary screws or bolts for the light fixture, so it matches the new paint color.

The spray painted light fixture will probably require 3 coats of spray paint to evenly cover the entire fixture.

Reinstall the Spray Painted Light Fixture

After the sprayed painted light fixture has totally dried, you can reinstall it if you removed it from the wall or ceiling.

Then replace the glass with the existing glass or brand new glass globes to update the look of the fixture.

spray painted light fixture

Swapping the glass on a light fixture is another easy and affordable project to change the look without buying a brand new fixture.

Lastly, screw the light bulbs into place and turn on your new spray painted light fixture!

If you enjoyed this light fixture makeover, you might enjoy these other light makeover ideas.


Spray painting a light fixture is easy and fun because you can get creative with what you already have without spending much money.

I love tackling a project with things that I have on hand because it makes me think outside of the box and design something out of the ordinary.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.