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Bathroom Makeover Projects Under $50

Do you need to update your bathroom on a tight budget? These bathroom makeover projects will allow you to update your bathroom with out spending much at all.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big difference in your space with these bathroom makeover projects.

Bathroom Makeover Projects Under $25

Spray Painting Light Fixture – $12

Another easy and affordable bathroom project idea, is to spray paint the existing light fixture. It is easier than you think to remove a light fixture, so you can spray paint it outside to give it a new look.

I recommend removing the light fixture instead of trying to spray paint it while it is on the wall. The existing light fixture in my bathroom wasn’t awful, but it was too bold against the new light paint color.

I wanted a more subtle light fixture that would blend into the background without the need to spend more money on a new light.

spray painted light fixture

Swap out Light Fixture Glass – $25

If the existing light fixture is in decent shape then changing the glass to a more modern style or classic glass globes with give it new life. Changing the glass is easy and affordable while giving your light fixture a little personality.

Paint the Bathroom Vanity – $25

Painting a bathroom vanity can be done in only a weekend and costs around $25 or less to complete.

Since a bathroom is a smaller space, you can go bold in this space with a fun pop of color or keep it simple with a neutral. Here are easy tips to paint a bathroom vanity for beginners.

bathroom makeover projects

Clean the Grout – $25

It’s crazy how small details like dirty grout or chipped paint on trim can make a big difference in the overall feel of a room. Cleaning grout dramatically brightens up the space for around $25 in only a couple of hours! Here are tips to clean your bathroom grout quickly.

Digital Wall Art – $20

If you have picture frames on hand, replacing the existing photos with digital art will give you new art for only a few dollars. My favorite digital art for any space in my home is by Collection Prints. The colors of the artwork by Collection Prints compliments any space by blending with existing colors and decor.

Bathroom Makeover Projects Under $50

Mirror Frame – $40

Making a DIY mirror frame costs $40 max, but brings a dramatic change to a bathroom. A large simple builder grade mirror can go from basic to custom in only a couple of hours.

The great thing about framing a mirror is that buying a new large size mirror can be expensive. If you can get away with using a small sized mirror in your bathroom then you can opt for new mirrors.

The price would be much more affordable for smaller sized mirrors compared to one large sized mirror.

New Mirror – $50

If your current mirror is in bad shape or you would rather go for a new look, check thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, or Facebook marketplace.

Keep an eye on Wayfair sales on your favorited items as the prices go about and down. Sometimes you can snag a great deal if you buy a mirror during a big sale.

bathroom makeover projects
Photo Credit @siebzehn49

Cabinet Hardware – $50 or Less

After you’ve painted your bathroom vanity, don’t forget to change out the hardware. Hardware can also be spray painted if it is in good shape and you are like the look of it. This project can cost less than $50, it all depends on the style of hardware you select and how many handles you need for your bathroom vanity.

Bathroom Rugs – $50 or Less

Adding a new bathroom mat with texture or a pattern can bring in subtle warmth and help tie in other colors in the space.

Paint the Walls – $50

Painting the walls is a common way to update any room, but it does bring a whole new feel to the room. If you don’t have any weekend plans, turn on your favorite show or put on music then get to painting.

Scrap Wood Shelves – Free or $40

Buying new shelves and brackets is expensive. So, instead repaint or stain a pair of shelves that you already have on hand or build new shelves from scrap wood. I made these scrap shelves by cutting a large piece of wood in half then staining it and repurposing brackets that I had on hand.

bathroom makeover projects

Shower Curtain – $40

If your shower has a curtain you should consider swapping the shower curtain for something new to change the look. Bring in texture, color, or a subtle pattern to bring visual interest to the space.


A bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be a tedious and time consuming project. Sometimes just buying new towels, moving decor around, and other small changes can make a big difference.

Try to shop your home before you go out to the store to buy new items for your bathroom makeover project.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.