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Mod Minimalist Decorating Style

Are you trying to figure out what your style is? If need a simple way to get started with decorating, you should consider the style Mod Minimalist.

Mod minimalist is an easy and affordable style to achieve that will remain on trend for many years to come. You can quickly clean a minimally decorated space and if you ever move you will barely have anything to pack up.

Decorate a Space with Mod Minimalist Thinking

If you aren’t sure what your design style is, the best way to to get started is to decorate with the mindset, “less is more.”

The reason for this line of thinking, is that you will spend less money and end up with less clutter in your home.

This is important when you are trying to determine your design style and mix multiple styles. Instead of buying a bunch of decor that doesn’t pair well together, keep things simple.

Slowly decorating and keeping things minimalist will help you figure out your style along the way and save money.

I had no idea what my style was because I liked elements from just about every style out there, but I didn’t know how to mix multiple styles.

mod minimalist living room
Photo Credit: @mhc.siouxfalls

I ended up over spending on decor items that didn’t work and I didn’t need either. Now I am selling items to clear out the clutter and repurposing the items that I can to better fit my style.

What is Mod Minimalist?

Mod Minimalist is a blend of mid century modern and minimalist deocating style. Mid century modern furniture is typically recognized as a functional piece of furniture with clean lines, slim legs, and simple details.

The furniture has a purpose and is designed with minimal detailing in mind.

Ever notice that mid century modern piece of furniture always remains in style? Well, there is a reason for that and it is because the details are simple.

Keeping things simple and a less is more approach will always be in style.

What is Minimalist Decorating?

Minimalist decorating is about clean lines, a monochromatic color palate, neutral tones, texture, and quality items over quantity of items.

Do you notice the similarities with mid century modern and minimalist style? Both of these styles blend so easily because they have a similar way of thinking.

mod minimalist
Photo Credit: @pickawood

Tips to Decorating Mod Minimalist Style

We already established that you should keep it simple and think less is more. So, now you might be wondering how exactly do I decorate a room with this style.

Mod Minimalist Paint

When it comes to paint think of neutral colors such as gray, greige, taupe, cream, or white that will flow from room to room. You can still add in subtle pops of color with this style, but opt for a muted shade of color.

A muted color tone will be mixed with a beige or gray to soften the color, but still allow the color to show through.

An example of a muted color is gray green. The color gray green has a light gray undertone mixed into the green paint, giving it the ability to flow throughout the home without overpowering.

Mod Minimalist Decor

When shopping for decor think simple and clean lines. Items typically will have minimal detailing, a neutral color, and subtle texture.

Think light wood tones, simple greenery like an olive tree, neutral throw pillows, furniture with slim legs, and a simple styled shelving.

The great thing about this style is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve this look since it is a less is more approach.

mod minimalist interior

This post has more helpful tips to decorating with this style and inspiration.


You can’t go wrong with a mod minimalist interior because it will always be in style and its affordable to achieve. Asides from always being on trend, it offers a low stress environment in your home due to less clutter.

Another great thing about mod minimalist is that you can easily blend it with another interior design style to create your own personal look.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.