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10 Ways to Create a Stress Free Home

We already know that it is important to get our stress level under control. One thing that we can do to control it is by creating a stress free home.

Your home should be the place were you feel comfortable, relaxed, and recharged. If your space doesn’t provide you with that feeling, something needs to change.

A clean home equals a clear mind. When my home is a disaster I feel anxious and I have brain fog.

That is always a sign for me that it is time to straighten up my home.

Declutter Your Home

Okay, so decluttering your home is not an innovative suggestion, but this is your reminder to purge.

Getting rid of unnecessary items feels great mentally because these items do not serve you.

These extra things can take up more space than you realize and interfere with the feel of a room.

Create stress free home goal for yourself to declutter every 1-3 months to keep things under control.

Make sure you stick to this goal by adding it to your calendar. Take it a step further and block off a random weekend to destress your home.

Organization is Key

Something about an organized home makes me feel at peace. It might be because everything has its place or it’s the satisfaction from tackling a project.

Either way it is a win since I feel productive and I organized clutter in my home.

Regardless, organizing is important even if the items are stashed behind a closet door or cabinet. If you organize a closet you will be able to find things easier and even make room for additional items.

The only con to organizing a kitchen cabinet is that you will constantly forget to close the door.

Or is that just me? I think I conveniently forget to close the cabinet door because it looks so beautifully organized.

My husband typically follows me around the kitchen and closes the cabinets after I’ve left them all opened.

Less is More (I Think)

I am not sure how less can equal more, but either way less stuff is the way to go.

I think the saying should be, “Less is Enough” because you need less than you really think. This applies to so many things in life, but it applies most importantly to a stress free home.

Go with a minimalistic style in your home and you will be amazed at how great the space feels. You don’t have to go totally minimalistic because that can feel unwelcoming.

Instead take a few ideas from this style and apply them to your own home.

stress free home
Minimalistic Styled Room by Lindye Galloway

Give your Home a Makeover

If you decluttered and organized, but still feel like the space could use a revamp then give it a whole new look.

A couple coats of paint can make a big difference when creating a stress free home environment.

Repainting a room almost feels as though you are erasing all of the bad things from the walls.

You are starting with a clean slate with a newly painted wall. It is your blank canvas to have fun and decorate however you want.

Calming Paint Colors

When selecting a paint color palate for a home, go with calming colors that flow from room to room.

There is nothing wrong with bold colors if you prefer more of a dramatic look, but if your goal is low stress that might not be your best option.

Think light and airy when designing a stress free home. Calming colors like blue, greige, gray green, and cream will flow beautifully in a home.

Compliment the cool paint colors with warm wood tones, greenery, and texture to create a space that you never want to leave.

Be Mindful of Cleaning Products

I am not a scientist here, but using strong chemicals in your home is harmful to your health.

Heavy duty cleaning products can interfere with your hormones along with other dangerous side effects.

If these items can alter your hormones and damage organs, there is no doubt they are interfering with your stress levels.

Swap your cleaning products for a more green option to minimize your risks and create more of a stress free home environment.

Switch to Stainless Steel Cookware

Another item that can interfere with your health is nonstick coating on some pots and pans. The nonstick coating can chip off and possibly even leach chemicals into your food.

It is safer to use cast iron, ceramic, or stainless steel cookware. If you are new to cooking with stainless steel, you might find these tips helpful.

This is a small change for your home, but this can have a big impact on your overall health.

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

You’ve heard this advice before, but I believe this interferes with me falling asleep and staying asleep.

When my room has piles of laundry thrown in a corner, I feel like my mind is going a million miles an hour went I am trying to relax.

So, try to keep your bedroom clutter free as possible to get a good nights rest. As you know a good night sleep is very important for stress management.

I motivate myself to put away laundry by listening to a podcast or watching my favorite show in the background while I fold cloths.

Open your Curtains or Blinds

Let in as much natural light as possible to brighten up the space and improve your mood. Lighting can have a dramatic effect on the feeling in a room.

A dark room feels cold and unwelcoming, while a bright room feels warm and motivating.

stress free home ideas

If your home doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting, get outdoors and take a walk everyday to boost your mood.

Decorate with Muted Tones

There are a few benefits to decorating with muted tones in your home. Muted tones flow with existing colors and decor throughout your home, while providing a calming feeling.

Another benefit to muted tones is that you won’t get tired of them because they blend into the background due to their subtle colors.

You will spend less money on decor if you purchase muted tones. Now I am not saying everything has to be a boring shade of tan.

You can still incorporate color into the space, just in a different way. Think of the color orange, but a more muted down version of the color.

The orange won’t be so bold when it is muted, it will have a cool feel to it that pairs better with existing decor items.

Feng Shui in a Home

I am sure you heard of the term feng shui when it comes to how you arrange your home. Well, there is some truth behind this and it can help with stress management.

Bring feng shui into your home by arranging decor and furniture carefully to create an inviting space.

The furniture layout should not intrude into walkways or overpower the room.

If there are pieces that are too large for the room it might be best to move items to a different room in your home.


I hope some of these tips help you to create a stress free home for you and your family.

Be mindful of what you bring into your home whether that be psychical items or chemicals. These are just a few small steps to to live a lower stress life.

Do you have any stress free decorating tips that you would like to share?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.