Easy Christmas Crafts Using Upcycled Materials

These easy Christmas craft ideas are upcycled using outdated decor or trash! Fun Christmas craft projects that the whole family will enjoy making.

Crafting and DIY projects are fun, but sometimes the cost to make something yourself doesn’t always makes sense.

Making something from scratch is very satisfying, but it is even better when it is upcycled.

You can literally turn trash into a beautiful home accent that matches your personal style.

So, start looking through your home for things you are going to throw away and make some of these craft projects.

Upcycled Crafts – Christmas Trees

This upcycled Christmas craft was so fun to make and cost on a few dollars.

To make these trees, start tracing a single triangle onto a cardboard box.

I free handed the triangle then cut it out and used it as a pattern for the other sides of the tree.

upcycled Christmas crafts,

The tree is made from 4 triangles that are hot glued together along each side.

Make sure to press each side of the triangle as you add hot glue to secure the carboard in place.

Now that you have a cardboard Christmas tree, you can start gluing the yarn onto the tree.

upcycled crafts

I found it easier to start at the top of the tree then work my way down until the tree has been completely covered in yarn.

upcycled Christmas crafts

Randomly adding hot glue as needed when wrapping the tree with yarn.

Once you have completely covered your tree in yarn, you can secure a small piece of yarn underneath the tree with hot glue.

Christmas craft projects, upcycled crafts

Upcycled Coffee Creamer Centerpieces

These centerpieces came out better than I had though after chalking paint coffee creamer bottles.

All you need to make these centerpiece is chalk paint, twine, hot glue, and floral.

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christmas craft ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas – Centerpieces

Christmas Craft Ideas Using Mason Jars

If you have some extra jars laying around, this is a super easy Christmas craft idea.

I found these mason jars in my basement in a pile of random decorations from my bridal shower.

Since I spray painted the jars a neutral color, I leave this on display all year long just swapping out the floral each season.

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Christmas craft ideas, Christmas crafts
Upcycling Ideas Using mason Jars

Scrap Wood Snowman

I thought about throwing out extra wood a few times to clean out my garage, but I knew I would find upcycling ideas for these.

I’m glad that I didn’t throw it out because I upcycled this scrap wood into a cute snowman!

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easy christmas crafts
Scrap Wood Snowmen!

How to use Chalk Paint

Using chalk paint is easy, but there are a few things that you should avoid.

Easy Christmas Craft – DIY Garland

This garland was simple to make and only costs around $10 or less.

I upcycled these bells from broken Christmas ornaments and I already had some string on hand from another project.

So, all I purchased for this project was some match pom poms.

To make your garland you will need pom poms, felt balls, or bells, a needle and cord or string.

I chose a string that was thick enough to hold the weight of the pom poms and bells on the garland.

upcycled jute chargers

DIY Decorative Basket Wall Art

These decorative baskets are made from upcycled jute chargers!

After you have selected your colors and materials, you can start making our garland.

First thread your string through a needle, making sure you have enough extra string on end to hang the garland.

Then carefully push the needle with the string through the center of felt ball or pom pom.

easy Christmas crafts

Continue doing this until you are satisfied with the pattern and length then cut the end of the string, making sure to leave extra slack.

With the extra slack at end, you can tie a small not or a lop at the end of your garland.

Then evenly spread the felt balls or pom poms out along the string.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

This jewelry organizer is upcycled using from scrap pergo flooring and a picture frame.

Upcycled Crafts – Christmas Candle Holder

This candle holder wasn’t too bad in gold, but it didn’t match any of my existing decor.

After a coat of chalk paint and stone paint it matches perfectly, and the stone paint almost looks like falling snow on the candle holder.

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easy Christmas craft ideas


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