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Easy Cardboard Box Christmas Trees

Instead of throwing away your cardboard boxes from your holiday shopping, try this fun Christmas craft with your family. These easy cardboard box Christmas trees are enjoyable to make and affordable!

You can literally turn trash into a beautiful home Christmas decor that matches your personal style. So, start looking through your home for things you are going to throw away and make some of these craft projects.

Cardboard Box Christmas Trees

These cardboard box Christmas trees were so much fun to make and cost on a few dollars. To make these trees, gather a few different colors of yard or twine, hot glue, hot glue stickers, scissors, a marker, and a cardboard box.

cardboard box trees

Organize your materials then put on a predictable but heart warming holiday movie. Something about a cheesy Christmas movie gets me in the holiday spirit even though the plot lines are all the same.

Building the Cardboard Box Christmas Trees

Now that you are set up and feeling cozy, grab your cardboard box and break it down so it is flat. It is easy if you tear or cut off a section, so you can draw triangles and cut them out for the tree shape.

I free handed the first triangle then cut it out and used it as a pattern for the other sides of the tree. The tree is made from 4 triangles that are hot glued together along each side. Make sure to press each side of the triangle as you add hot glue to secure the carboard in place.

cardboard box trees

Wrap the Cardboard with Yarn

Now that you have a cardboard box Christmas tree, you can start gluing the yarn onto the tree. I found it easier to start at the top of the tree then work my way down until the tree has been completely covered in yarn.

Randomly adding hot glue as needed when wrapping the tree with yarn. Once you have completely covered your tree in yarn, you can secure a small piece of yarn underneath the tree with hot glue.

Cardboard Box Christmas Trees

Continue to follow these steps until you have completed all of your trees. Consider varying the heights of the trees and mixing in a few colors and textures.

Mixing the textures and colors of the cardboard box Christmas trees will make things more visually interesting. The texture is very forgiving and can easily disguise a poorly shaped cardboard box tree.

So, if you didn’t make the best shaped tree, you can make it look much better with the thicker textured yarn.

When selecting the sizes of your cardboard box trees, consider 2 larger sizes trees for the outside and a couple of small and medium trees. The 2 larger trees will help create symmetry when you display the cardboard box Christmas trees.

Cardboard Box Christmas Trees

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Storing the Cardboard Trees

The great thing about these cardboard trees is that they are stackable! They acts like nesting dolls, so you can easily store them into your seasonal tote of decorations without taking up space.

When I take my Christmas tote out to decorate for the holidays, my toddler boys love these cardboard box trees. They stack them and reorganize them while I decorate with the fragile Christmas items.

So, if you have young kids that like the help you decorate, these are a great item to keep them busy and make them feel like they are helping. Basically this will keep them away from the glass decor and other breakable items.


Creating decor for any season is fun, especially when you are using items that you already have on hand. Instead of throwing things out, take a look at how you can repurpose them into a fun craft project. Even if the Christmas craft doesn’t turn out that great, it is smoothing to do for your kids that didn’t cost you anything!