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7 Steps to Add a Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

7 Steps to Add a Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

I had an extra gallon of Georgian Bay paint and a baby boy on the way, so this board and batten bedroom wall was perfect for this space.

Adding a modern accent wall is an easy and affordable way to dramatically change a room. A board and batten wall looks great no matter what color it is painted.

board and batten bedroom wall

The accent wall brings texture and visual interest to a room making it feel warm and inviting.

Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

The bedroom that I was going to add this diy accent wall to was already a light gray color, but the room felt like it needed something.

This boring gray room needed a little color, so painting an accent wall with Sherwin Williams Georgian Bay paint gave the room a new look.

This feature wall is beginner friendly, so do not be afraid to try to do this yourself.

Just take your time, measure carefully, and your board and batten bedroom wall will turn out great!

board and batten bedroom
Board and Batten Accent Wall!

Add Texture with a Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

Adding a board and batten accent wall is affordable and will add a little texture to your space.

If you are afraid to commit to such a bold color like Georgian bay, adding a neutral accent wall will still give a room a dramatic makeover.

Decorating with texture makes a room feel cozy and interesting, so this is a fun project to refresh a boring space.

Step 1: Measure Your Space for the Accent Wall

To get started with this modern accent wall, measure the width of the wall and the height to the ceiling from the top of the baseboard.

Once you have all of your measurements, you can determine how many 8 FT finger joint pine boards you will need.

You can draw this out on paper or calculate how many pieces of wood trim you will need for your accent wall.

Conveniently this idea didn’t pop into my head until I was standing in the lumber isle at Home Depot.

Somehow I managed to calculate how many pieces of wood trim I would need in my head, even with pregnancy brain.

Yes, pregnancy brain is a thing!

Supplies for the Board and Batton Bedroom Wall

I purchased 12 pieces of wood trim for my space and ended up using 11 pieces of wood trim for this accent wall.

I really impressed myself with these measurements while standing in the isle of Home Depot because I am not the best at math.

Items Required:

diy modern accent wall using finger joints
Here are the finger joint boards that were used for this project

Optional Step: Paint the Accent Wall

I painted my wall with 2 coats of blue paint before adhering the board and batten bedroom wall. The reason for this is because I knew this color was going to take 3 coats of paint.

So, I figured painting a couple of coats before adhering the boards would be easier. If you are working with a darker color like this then you might find it easier to paint the wall first and touch up the paint later.

georgian bay

Step 2: Create a Frame

I found it easier to create a frame for the board and batten bedroom wall before working on the interior section of the wall.

Measure: First I measured the right and left pieces that frame the outside of the wall. Then I measured the top and bottom pieces that border the outside of the wall as well.

Cut: Make sure to label the boards before cutting them, so you can easily adhere them to the wall. Once they have been measured and labeled, cut them to size.

modern wood trim accent wall
Measuring where to place the next piece

Glue: Before gluing the boards to the wall, double check the fit. If everything fits nice and snug, I apply liquid nails to the back of each board. Do not over apply the liquid nails or this will end up oozing out all over the board and batten wall.

Level: Press the boards firmly in place and make sure it is level before using a nail gun to secure them in place.

modern wood trim accent wall
Making sure it is level

Nail Gun: Then I used a nail gun to adhere these boards to the feature wall. Once I adhered the outside frame, I began to work my way over from left to right.

Continue to follow these same steps throughout your project.

board and batten bedroom

Step 3: Measuring the Boxes Inside the Frame

Before I made any cuts for the inside boxes, I applied painters tape to the wall in a few spaces to see how the design would look.

I measured the entire inside area between the boards and calculated where all of the pieces should be placed and cut.

Every accent wall will have different measurements, but I wanted to include my measurements as a rough idea.

The inside of my boxes measured 29 inches in length and the width is 22 inches.

Step 4: Adhere the Vertical Boards

Once you determine the spacing for your boxes, measure, cut, and adhere the vertical boards following the steps mentioned in Step 1.

Adhere Vertical Boards: Work your way across the wall until you have finished adhering all of the vertical boards as shown in the photo below.

board and batten accent wall
Starting to come together!

Step 5: Adhere the Horizontal Boards

Measure Horizontal Boards: I recommend taking this one section at a time because your walls may be bowed and the pieces might not all fit the same.

For the first section, measure in between both vertical boards to determine the length of the 2 horizontal boards.

Cut: Make the 2 cuts for the horizontal boards then dry fit them before adhering.

Adhere: If the boards fit correctly, then glue, level, and adhere with a nail gun.

After finishing the first section, move onto the next section and work your way across the wall until it is complete.

board and batten bedroom
Now adding the boxes in the DIY accent wall

Step 6: Caulk and Sand

After all of the boards have been nailed to the wall, I recommend going back in with paintable caulk along the edges and nail heads.

Paintable Caulk: I used caulk on all of the nail heads and the and along the edges to smooth everything out.

Caulking the edges is optional, but it does leave your with a nice finish. I do highly recommend caulk the nail heads because that will look very noticeable if you leave it as is.

Sanding: After everything has dried, lightly sand with a fine sandpaper to smooth out the caulked areas.

modern accent wall

Wipe and Vacuum: Wipe down the walls with a dry rag to remove sanding debris and vacuum tight areas with a small attachment. Also, vacuum the floor to prevent dust from stirring up onto your newly painted wall.

Step 7: Paint

Paint: Now that the everything is clean and dry, it is time to paint! Start painting all of the white boards with your paint, making sure to drag the paint along the side of each board and batten bedroom wall.

I recommend painting the white boards first because you will have to go back in with a roller and paint inside each boxes and smooth the paint strokes out.

I used the paint color Georgian Bay by Sherwin Williams on this nursery accent wall because I was going for an ocean theme.

Board and Batton Nursey Wall

Here is the baby boy nursey completed with the blue board and batton bedroom wall. My son is now 3 years old and the room still looks great.

The room doesn’t have a babyish feel like some nurseries can have. So, I don’t feel the need to replace the decor or change the paint in the room.

nursery accent wall
Here is the baby boy nursey!

I only changed out the rocking chair and remove the mobile. Surprisingly, my 3 year old has not climbed out of the crib just yet, but I know that is coming soon.

If you like board and batton bedroom wall, be sure to check out our other wood accent wall as well… and this one’s even easier.

For more Dos and Dont’s when installing an accent wall visit Angela Rose Home.

Nursery DIY Decor Ideas

If you are looking for another quick and easy DIY project for your space then these picture shelves are perfect!

You can make these picture shelves using scrap wood from this project!

Before you lug your scrap wood to the curb take a look at these projects using scrap wood.

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