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Easy DIY Modern Farmhouse Accent Wall for Any Space

I had an extra gallon of Georgian Bay paint and a baby boy on the way. So, this DIY modern farmhouse wood accent wall was perfect for a baby boy nursey.

The bedroom that I was going to add this modern wood accent wall to, was already a light gray color.

I thought this boring gray room could use a blue accent wall for an ocean themed baby boy nursery.

diy modern wood accent wall in baby boy nursery, modern accent wall
Before I started measuring and placing finger joint boards on the wall, I painted the wall.

This DIY project is beginner friendly, so do not be afraid to try to do this yourself.

Just take your time, measure carefully, and your DIY accent wall will turn out great!

Measure Your Space to Install a Modern Farmhouse Accent Wall

To get started with this modern wood accent wall, measure the width of the wall and the height to the ceiling from the top of the baseboard.

Once you have all of your measurements, you can determine how many 8 FT finger joint pine boards you will need.

You can draw this out on paper or calculate how many boards you will need.

Conveniently this idea didn’t pop into my head until I was standing in the lumber isle at Home Depot.

Somehow I managed to calculate how many boards I would need in my head.

I purchased 12 boards for my space and ended up using 11 boards.

I really impressed myself with these measurements while standing in the isle of Home Depot because I am not the best at math.

Items Required:

diy modern accent wall using finger joints
Here are the finger joint boards that were used for this project

How to Adhere the Accent Wall Frame

I first measured and cut the right and left pieces that frame the outside of the wall.

Then I measured the top and bottom pieces that border the outside of the wall as well.

After all cutting all of the pieces required for the frame, I applied liquid nails to the back of each board.

Then I used a nail gun to adhere these boards to the wall.

Once I adhered the outside frame,, I began to work my way over from left to right.

I measured the entire inside area between the boards and calculated where all of the boards should be placed and cut.

I also, made marks on the wall for where to place each board.

Measuring the Boxes Inside the DIY Accent Wall

The inside of my boxes measured 29 inches in length and the width is 22 inches.

Every accent wall will have different measurements, but I wanted to include my measurements as a rough idea.

baby boy nursey with modern wood accent wall, modern farmhouse accent wall
Measuring where to place the next piece

Before I made any cuts for the boxes, I applied painters tape to the wall in a few spaces to see how the design would look.

Make sure to remove the tape before adhering the boards to the wall.

baby boy nursey ideas
Making sure it is level

To adhere the boards, apply thin layer of liquid nails on the back of the boards.

Do not over apply the liquid nails or this will end up oozing out all over the wall.

using a nail gun on the diy modern wood accent wall

Then lightly press the board against the wall, and use a level to make sure the board is straight.

If the board is straight, nail the board in place with a nail gun.

Finishing Your DIY Modern Farmhouse Accent Wall

After all of the boards have been nailed to the wall, I recommend going back in with paintable caulk.

I used caulk on all of the nail heads and all seems.

diy modern wood accent wall
Starting to come together!

Try to smooth out the caulk as you apply it, so you do not have a lot of sanding to do.

This step is definitely worth the trouble because you end up with a nice clean finish.

After everything has dried, you can lightly sand the caulk and begin painting the finger joints.

diy wood accent wall for baby boy nursey
Now adding the boxes in the DIY accent wall
modern wood accent wall
Done, now just need to paint the white part blue to match the wall.

Baby Boy Nursey Ideas

Here is the baby boy nursey completed with the blue accent wall and ocean theme decor!

I absolutely love how it came out!

baby boy nursey
Here is the baby boy nursey!
Here is another picture of the nursey!
easy diy accent wall
Accent Wall Ideas

If you like this DIY accent wall, be sure to check out our other DIY accent wall as well… and this one’s even easier.

For Dos and Dont’s when installing this DIY accent wall visit Angela Rose Home.

We have friends that recently followed out tips to adding a Modern Farmhouse Accent wall.

They used thicker boards and green paint to update a guest room.


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