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Scrap Wood Storage Holder for Garden Stakes

It’s fun to display metal garden stakes in the yard, but it is tough to store them between seasons. Neatly organize outdoor decor with this easy scrap wood stand for decorative metal signs.

Garden Stake Storage Project

If you have a pile of scrap wood taking up space, this is an easy way to us it up.

I’ve been wanting a place to store my garden stakes, but my husband didn’t get around to building it.

Typically my husband builds the wood project then I stain it. This time I decided I should to build it myself because it was time to get comfortable with power tools.

I want to preface that you aren’t here for the woodworking skills or techniques. My carpentry is garbage, but I learned a lot and had fun building this.


Beginner Friendly Scrap Wood Project

This is a great small wood project if you are a beginner with woodworking. Building scrap wood projects is a good way to gain confidence with power tools and learn from your mistakes.

Another great thing about this project is that you can alter the measurements to fit your needs. So, use this as a very rough guideline to make your own decorative metal sign storage.

If you are new to working with wood then you might find our lumber guide helpful.

scrap wood project

Selecting the Lumber

Browse around your scrap wood pile and try to be creative with what you have.

Start by measuring your metal signs to get an idea of how large your wood organizer will need to be.

If you have several signs, you may want to make this longer or make 2 of these to hold everything.

To build this garden stake holder, I used a 2 x 12, 2 x 3’s, and 2 x 2’s. You don’t have to use these exact materials or measurements, so work with what you have.

Before you make any cuts line the wood up on the floor and form a rough outline of the project.

Determine where the screws will be inserted, making sure not to overlap screws.

Also, remember to leave enough space to properly drill into the wood.

Base of the Wood Stand

The base of my wood stand is made from a 2 x 12 inch piece of scrap wood measuring 23 1/4 inches long.

My largest wood sign measured 20 inches wide, so using a piece of wood about 23 inches long worked perfectly.

metal sign storage

You could get away with building the base a couple of inches shorter, if you do not have a piece of wood quite as long.

If you don’t have a 2 x 12 in your scrap wood pile, you could use a piece of plywood or a 2 x 10.

Another option for the base would be to line a few 2 x 4’s or 2 x 6’s next to each other then adhere them to act as a base.

Length of the Legs

Before cutting the legs for your wood stand, measure the height your garden stakes. Most of my metal signs measured between 27-29 inches tall.

So, I cut 4 of my scrap 2 x 3’s to 29 inches tall for the legs of the wood stand.

wood storage

Storage Supports

I cut 4 supports from scrap 2 x 2’s at 20 inches long then adhere them on either side on the top and bottom.

Next I cut 2 supports from 2 x 2’s at 8 inches long to be attached on the sides of the wood.

The 8 inch pieces help support the stand and keep the garden stakes in place.

small wood projects

Garden Stake Storage

Now that all of your wood is cut, attach the wood with screws to form your stand.

Another option is to drill small holes into the base to insert the garden stakes.

I decided to skip this step because I thought the metal signs stood up just fine without drilling holes.

scrap wood projects

Organizing Metal Signs

If you have a sign that is too wide to fit into the stop like this one, simply slip it into the side as shown. I have 4 metal signs in my scrap wood organizer, and I still have plenty of room for more.

garden stakes storage

This could easily store away 8 garden stakes, so you should be able to neatly organize all of your outdoor signs.

If you need more storage than consider making a second one of these or make it longer, so you have room for 2 rows of 8 signs.

garden stakes

Feel free to ask me questions, if you need help with your project. I hope you found this scrap wood project easy and fun!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.