The Best Tool for DIY Wood Furniture Projects

When I first got into DIY projects, I thought building furniture was well beyond my skill set.

I then came across a tool that allowed me to save literally thousands by making my own quality furniture.

If you’ve never heard of the Kreg Jig, it changed everything when it came to building furniture.

Nothing was off the table (pun intended).

I built a rustic style coffee table for my basement and saved $200+.

It was so easy that I decided to build a custom sized kitchen table (pub height) which only cost me about $100. I built a bench to go with it.

I had some left over lumber so I built a game table, console table, and my brother built a coffee table as well.

 I’ll go over instructions for all of them in another blog but this tool is a complete game changer when it comes to building furniture and other DIY carpentry.

What is a Kreg Jig

There are various models but the one I recommend is the Kreg Jig K4 (seen below), which runs about $100.

It may sound expensive but if you build even one piece of furniture, it basically paid for itself.

In the picture below, it basically works by drilling a hole on an angle and connecting two pieces of wood with a screw.

How to Use a Kreg Jig

The drilled holes are called “pocket holes” and can be used for various thicknesses/depths of boards coupled with different sized screws.

what is a kreg jig used for

Essentially, you clamp a piece of wood in the Kreg Jig clamp, then adjust the height of holes to meet the thickness of the board, along with the drill bit height.

why you need a kreg jig

Next, attach the included drill bit, and drill down one of the guided holes until it stops.

How to use a Kreg Jig

After that, you simply place the two pieces of wood together and use the Kreg Jig screws to attach them.

There are complete instructions that come with the product, which you should follow closely.

pocket hole

I would advise that you always drill a few test pieces of scrap wood together first (varying depending on which thickness of board you’re using) to make sure that the screw doesn’t puncture the other board.

If you follow directions, you should be fine though.

If you use this tool along with some wood glue, you will have an unbreakable joint and the sky is the limit on what furniture you can build.

I’m writing this article because virtually all of my furniture articles will consist of using this tool.

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