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Stylish Modern Home Bar Ideas

A modern home bar is sleek and stylish in any home because it brings emphasis and interesting details to a space. Even if you are low on space a small bar area can bring a big impact to a room when you give it a more contemporary feel.

Does a dark stained Irish pub style bar in a man cave setting come to mind when you hear “home bar”? These modern home bar ideas are far from what you might be picturing.

Small Modern Home Bar

A modern bar doesn’t have to be very large to make a statement. Even a small bar area can bring a lot of visual interest to the space. Especially with warm wood tones, marble counters and backsplash, lighting, and open shelving.

Open shelving in the bar area is a modern way to display home decor, bottles, glasses, and other barware. The shelving can be have a more minimalistic feel to keep things simple and clean or the shelves can be fully stocked with items.


A great bonus to open shelving is that it is typically much cheaper than installing a set of upper cabinets and prevents the bar area from overpowering the room. The only downside to open shelving in a bar area is that you can’t hide clutter behind a cabinet door.

modern home bar
Photo @kimberleyharrisoninteriors

Open shelving should be neat, organized, and symmetrical to avoid it from looking cluttered. Laying pieces and mixing various heights, widths, and textures can create an aesthetically pleasing bar space.


Dramatic Lighting Acts as Art

Modern home bars are known for having innovative designs, clean lines, moody color palates, and unique lighting. Lighting in a modern bar area acts as a piece of art, bringing soft tones and warmth when illuminated that compliments the surrounding areas.

The reflection from the unique glass lighting displays a warm glow on the ceiling and walls, while highlighting the decor and bottles on opening shelving. Keep these things in might when selecting a light fixture for any space in your home.

modern home bar
Photo @morrison_interiors

You want to create a mood that matches the rest of the space that you designed. This space wouldn’t have the same look and feel, if a builder grade light fixture with bright white bulbs was installed.

Bright white lighting creates a stark and cold feeling in a room that doesn’t make for the coziest place to relax. So, it’s best to avoid this type of lighting if you are trying to create an inviting space to entertain.

Photo @patriciagoijens

Modern Bars with Brass

Another common design feature in modern bar areas are brass light fixtures, stools, and shelves. Brass brings contrasts nicely off of this dark bar area and warms up the space with its yellow undertones.

Photo @blacklacquerdesign

Bold Color Palettes

The modern color palate can be broad varying from neutral to moody, all the way to bold pops of color. If you haven’t noticed the more contemporary style is easy to work in with other styles and any color palette.

Your entire interior design style doesn’t have to consist of sharp and dramatic edges to create a modern bar area in your home. You can easily mix in elements from the modern interior design style and blend them with other styles.

Sometimes modern can take on a cold feeling if not done right, so a quick way to warm up a stark design is to add greenery. A plant wall bring in warmth, color, and make you feel pleased to be in the space.

Photo @discoversurfaces

Vintage Geometric Shapes

Modern doesn’t always have to be influenced by the newest and most innovative trends. A modern design can take on an eclectic approach by bringing in various styles to create a personalized look.

When done right this is the best type of style because it is unique, fun, and shows your own personality in the design. This design is not safe nor is it expected, which is what makes it so beautiful!

vintage modern bar
Photo @kathrynlillyinteriors

Modern Bar Accent Walls

Clean lines are commonly used in the modern design style because they offer a no fuss and simplistic look. The focus is straightforward without clutter or confusion taking away from the beauty of the space.

modern home bar
Photo @liv_custom_homesanddesign

Accent walls are another fun way to show personality in a space. Try one of these affordable modern accent wall ideas in your home to add a personal touch.


A modern home bar design might not be for everyone, but the style will be in for years to come. Consider taking elements from the the modern design style and making them your own to create a personalized look and feel.