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Living Room Plant Wall Ideas

Love the look of a living room plant wall, but don’t know where to start? These living room plant wall ideas will help make your home a little greener and more vibrant.

Indoor plants aren’t only great for decorating interiors, they also are great for lifting the sprit, calming the mind, and purifying the air. Prevent the winter blues by adding a large plant wall to your living room!

Living Room Plant Walls

Living room plant walls are a creative way to decorate your space with beautiful and lush greenery. Decorating your home with plants can help keep the winter blues away, reduce stress, increase creativity, and improve the air quality inside your home.

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Plant Walls Make Us Happy

A plant wall is more than just a beautiful wall decor trend, it is has amazing powers to boost your mood. Plants have the ability to improve your mood while improving the air quality inside your home.

Think about how refreshed you feel after a walk outdoors. That walk in nature can recharge you and dramatically uplift your mood.

Indoor plants shouldn’t be used as a replacement for time in nature, but they can help lift your spirits during those icy winter months when it is too cold for a walk.

How to Create a Living Room Plant Wall

It is easy to add a plant wall as long as you have adequate natural lighting in your space. The natural lighting is crucial for the plant health.

North or east-facing walls generally bring a softer, indirect light which is suitable for a variety of plants. Walk around your home and find the sunniest room in your home then consider adding the plant wall in that space.

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Next select plants that are known to thrive indoors are suitable for your specific lighting. Indoor plants such as pothos, succulents, ferns, snake plants, spider plants, terrarium are great choice for a living room plant wall.

Potting and Watering

Before spending money on plants, make sure to do a ton of research on the watering and fertilizing needs. It would be a shame if your plant wall died off after only a few short months.

So, make sure to read about all of your plants before committing to an entire wall filled with plants. You could even consider starting slow with your plant wall then expanding as you feel more confident in caring for plants.

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Another important thing to consider is the safety of your pets. Some plants are harmful to pets, so make sure to read up on the plants that should be avoid around pets.

Select pots that can be mounted to a wall or will fit nicely onto a plant wall shelf. When selecting pots, keep in mind the texture and color scheme of the overall look and feel of the wall.

To save money you could even buy a variety small pots from a yard sale or thrift store then spray paint them to match your color palate. Before planting your pots, make sure the select containers that are suitable for potting mix and have proper drainage.

Mounting Plant Wall Shelving

Another thing to note is that your plant shelving should be mounted on studs to support the weight. Glass pots and the dirt inside can add up in weight, so the shelves need to be strong enough to hold the weight.

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Organizing the Plant Wall

Next determine the plant layout to add balance to your shelving. The heights of the plants should be symmetrical toward the ends of the shelving or a plant can cascade over toward the next shelf.

A cascading plant will help fill the space in the shelf below and look visually appealing and effortless. It might take a few tries to correctly balance the plants.

Set all of the plants up then step back a few times to adjust the final layout of the plant wall. Rearrange the plants as needed and sit back and enjoy your new wall filled with beautiful greenery.

living room plant wall


You may need to reorganize the plants periodically as they grow and become fuller. Your new plant wall will be visually appealing and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant living room!