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Creative Picture Molding on Walls

Do you have a large wall that you are struggling to decorate? Adding picture molding will easily fill up an entire wall and the great part is, it’s affordable!

Picture molding can dramatically transform an entire space with character and visual interest without making the space feel cluttered. The molding brings a uniqueness and texture to a room that is subtle.

What is Picture Molding?

You might be wondering what picture molding is because it has become quite popular. Most likely you’ve already seen it before, but didn’t know what it was called.

Picture molding is also referred to as shadow box trim that is used as a decorative accent on walls. The reason it is referred to as shadow box is because it helps create depth and dimension in a room or piece of artwork.

Benefits of Picture Molding

Picture molding looks visually appealing without artwork, a neutral color palette, or a bold paint color. This molding brings tons have character and can blend in with almost any interior design style.

It has the ability to make a room look and feel custom, as though you spent thousands of dollars to achieve the look. When really you only spent around a couple hundred dollars or less to complete an entire room in picture molding.

picture molding
Photo @classy___interiors

It is much more affordable to install picture molding to a large wall then it is to purchase a giant canvas and other decorative items for a wall. Most of the time a wall either looks clutter or out of place when you try to add miscellaneous items to a large wall.

I personally struggle to decorate long walls that do not have any windows. At the time when I moved into my first home, I had no idea picture molding was an option.

Instead of installing picture molding to my long walls, I attempted to decorate them with a hodgepodge of home decor items that I found on sale at random stores.

Shortly after attempting to decorate my long wall, I ended up selling the items or donating them because I realized my wall looked like a confused mess. The picture molding would of saved me the trouble of spending money on home decor that didn’t work well in the space anyway.

shadow box trim
Photo @classy___interiors

Picture Molding Works Anywhere!

As you can see the picture molding elevates any room that it is in. This room went from a simple neutral room to a custom minimalistic room. Even though this room has a minimalist feel too it, it doesn’t feel boring because of the texture from the picture molding.

Adding texture to a room is what makes it feel warm, inviting, and cozy. The picture molding has the ability to decorate an entire room without needing color or other decorative accents to complete the space.

Photo @moorehousedesign

If you are looking for a great shade of white that isn’t too stark or has a yellow undertone, you will love this white paint color! I used this in the first floor of my home and it blends effortlessly and looks great in any lighting.

White is a tricky color to get right because there are so many different shades and undertones. The color white can pull totally different in natural lighting, incandescent lighting, and even in a different home.


Moody Picture Molding

If you want to take your design up a notch, painting picture molding will bring drama to the space. This room would have look great painted a neutral color, but the bold green gave it a moody feel without feeling too dark.

The picture molding on a dark wall helps break up the dark color palate in this room by making the wall pop with texture. If you are thinking of painting a room a moody shade of green, you should consider this shade of green for your project.

Photo @design_genes

Pop of Color Picture Molding

The great thing about picture molding is that you can get away with only installing it on a single wall. Picture molding has the ability to act like it belongs to the space without overpowering a room.

This fun rose accent wall looks amazing with the double picture molding surrounding the artwork and shelving in this cute office.

Photo @wild.hearts.home

Classic Molding Design

You can find picture molding with unique corner designs and even rounded edges to fit around an arch. Adding the

Photo @jse_interior_design

Picture Molding in the Bathroom

Picture molding can even work in a bathroom! Even though a powder room is a small space to decorate, it is one of the hardest to get right in my opinion at least.

For some reason I can’t quite get my powder room to feel the way I want it to. I have redecorated and repainted my powder room several times, but I still don’t love how it came out.

Photo @homewithhay

If you struggle with this same problem then you should consider a powder room design with picture molding on the bottom. Add a pop of color on the lower half of the bathroom to make the molding really stand out and add even more depth.

Are you ready to install your shadow box molding? The DIY Playbook has an excellent guide that walks your through the entire process.


Picture molding is a great project for a beginner to take on because it is affordable and easy to install. The great thing about this DIY is that it won’t actually look like you did it yourself because the molding looks custom. Once the molding is installed onto the wall a room is totally transformed into a room filled with texture and character.