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Moderne White by Sherwin Williams

Are you trying to find the perfect shade of light greige? You can stop searching because we found the color that you’ve been looking for.

Moderne White sounds like it would be another shade of white because of the name, but that is not the case with this paint color.

This Sherwin paint color takes on a light shade of griege once it is painted onto walls. The lighting and decor in a room can change the look and feel of this color.

Moderne White SW 6168

The color Moderne White by Sherwin is a muted shade of greige with a cool green undertone.

Moderne White is a simple color that doesn’t overpower the space. Instead, the color compliments the surrounding tones in the room.

The color can appear more warm near wood tones and in natural lighting. If surrounded by gray tones and dimmer lighting, the color can appear more cool.

To bring out the cool green undertones, pair with a gray green paint color or decorate with plants.

Moderne White Hex Code: #E2E0D7

RGB: 226 / 224 / 215

LRV: 74

Light Reflective Value (LRV)

The light reflective score has a rating system between 0 and 100. If a paint colors has a score closer to 0, this means the color absorbs light and will make a room feel dark.

A paint color with a score closer to 100, would give off a bright and light feeling. This would help make a room feel larger and give off a light airy feeling.

moderne white
Moderne White Sherwin Williams

Mordene White has a reflection score of 74 making this a great color to choose to brighten up a room.

This color will not overpower a room compare to a bolder colors. Instead, this color with blend into the background and coordinate with almost any other color.

Is Sherwin Moderne White yellow?

SW Moderne White is not considered yellow. The color has a neutral base which makes it a cooler shade of light griege. In the below image, you can see that Moderne White blends with tan and white without bringing out yellow undertones.

This color simply blends into the background without competing against other colors. I previously had this wall painted the color Natural Gray by Behr and this gray color added too much contrast in this space.

Is Sherwin Moderne White a true white color?

Moderne White is not quite white, but it does lean toward the white color family. The color is very light and bright with cool undertones showing through.

When you think of a light and airy feeling, this color is that feeling. Moderne White is light and bright without making a room feel stark.

Moderne White Undertones

The undertones in Moderne White are cool green and white, which give this color a subtle greige feeling. This color is the right combinations of greige and white, which is why Pottery Barn chose it for their perfect palette of paint colors.

Below you can see a subtle difference between Moderne White and Natural Gray by Behr. Natural Gray is a great color, but it felt stark with the lighting and decor in my living room.

moderne white Sherwin Williams
Moderne White vs Natural Gray

You can see that Moderne White is slighter lighter and warmer compared to a the true gray tones in Natural Gray.

My husband jokes that I painted the room with clear coat, but I see the difference and I love the subtle changed in color.


After painting my living room and kitchen this color, I plan to use it in other spaces in my home. The color is the perfect light neutral color because of how easy it blends with surrounding colors.

If you aren’t quite sure how this color will look in your home, take a look at these other white colors.

To see get a better idea of how the color will look in your space, copy the hex code mentioned above for Moderne White then take a photo of your room.

Upload the photo to Canva to manipulate the background of the photo with the paint color.

There are a number of was to adjust the photo in Canva, so get creative with some of the tools in their platform.

What is your favorite white paint color?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.