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9 Wall Decorations for Living Room

Are you looking for inspiration to give your living room a makeover? These wall decorations for living room will provide you with creative ideas to redecorate your space.

Decorate with Shelves and Greenery

The simplest way to give your living room a makeover is to add greenery. Believe it or not, plants can act was wall decorations for living room too!

Even if you decorate with fake plants you can still achieve this look without the maintenance of a real plants.

Mount wood floating shelves in an unexpected corner with overflowing greenery provides warmth and texture. Making this the perfect living room decoration for any budget!

Wall Decorations for Living Room
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Even if you aren’t known for your green thumb, adding in a fake fiddle, pampas grass, eucalyptus spray will look great.

The great thing about wood shelves like these is that you can help fill the awkward space surrounding your tv.

decorations around tv

Layered Wall Decorations for Living Room

Another beautiful way to decorate a large wall in a living room is to add a long console table. This black console table helps ground the space and fill out a large section of the room.

Layering items above the console table with various heights, colors, and textures looks stunning in this living room.

Take a look what you already have in your home that you can repurpose and layer to achieve a similar style in your living room.

console table layering
Photo Credit: @brookemoraleshome

Textured Wall Decor

You can never go wrong with textured decor whether that be textured pillows, throws, wall art, or light fixtures. More texture the better, at least in my opinion!

The white painted brick looks fabulous on this living room wall.

A textured living room wall like this almost doesn’t need much wall decor because it already brings visual interest to the space.

Basket wall art is a fun and inexpensive way to bring in warm tones and texture for a boho vibe.

boho wall decorations in living room
Photo Credit: @eceuzdesign

Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Another affordable wall decoration for living room that you probably didn’t think of is picture molding. Adding picture molding to a living room will help fill out the space.

It can be difficult decorating large living room walls, so adding picture molding can act as built in wall art.

The great thing about picture molding is that it can be customized, inexpensive, timeless, and goes with any style.

Display a large canvas by Collection Prints then build your picture molding around that size of the art to give the wall a custom feel.

This room looks expensive thanks to the picture molding, but probably costs around $100 to complete this project.

picture molding in living room
Photo Credit: @collectionprints

Bold Accent Walls

If you can’t find the right piece of wall decor per your taste or you prefer a pop of color then a bold accent wall would be a great option.

A DIY accent wall can act as the living room wall decor since it can be painted a different color to give a room a bit of drama or to tie in another color.

The bold color with a bit of texture acts as the wall decorations for living room instead of art or other decor.

Texture is an easy way to decorate without committing to a bold color, but still looks interesting.

There are cheaper ways to go about a wood accent wall, but I found this kit to easily add the wood.

Picture Ledge for Large Living Room Wall

Adding long picture ledge to a living room wall can help fill a small corner or even a large wall.

Sometimes a large wall can be hard to decorate so adding wood picture shelves can make a big difference.

Living room shelves allow you to add small decor items and plants to bring more interest and tie in your design theme.

Making sure to match the heights and space out the textured items to add symmetry to the living room shelves.

I am a big believer in the saying less is more because over decorating a space makes me feel anxious.

long picture ledge behind couch

Every time I decorate a space, I step back to see how it makes me feel. If it feels to cluttered, I remove a couple of items or more things around.

I can easily mix and match other wall decor, throw pillows, and curtains without competing with these living room shelves.

Simple Living Room Wall Art

Instead of adding bold wall art that can overwhelm a living room, display simple neutral abstract wall art.

The colors are muted and blend nicely to create a calming feeling in this beautiful living room.

Heather from Setting of Four really knows how to design an elegant space!

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Painting isn’t the easiest way to update a room, but it is an inexpensive way to dramatically change a room.

If your living room wall color just isn’t right then change it up a new paint color. Both the colors green and greige are trending.

Find the best shades of green paint and greige paint!

living painting ideas

Living Room Built-Ins with Shelving

Built-ins almost always look great in the living room and act as wall decorations themselves because they bring visual interest and height.

The shelves give you a simple space to decorate, layer, and stack decor to tie in certain colors.

When decorating shelves, decide what you should splurge on for your living room makeover before buying all new items.

I am all about saving money where I can, but sometimes you just have to splurge on a few new items.

built ins for living room
Photo Credit: @our_home_on_thehill

So before you throw out everything you own and buy new, take a look around.

You might have some hidden gems already in your home that just need to moved around or painted.

Living Room Decor Ideas:

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