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The Best Bar Lights For Your Home Bar

If you are looking for bar lighting ideas, we have some great examples of how to brighten up your home bar. A simple strip of LED lights can make a big difference in a small space.

Bar lights make a big impact because they bring warmth, contrast, and even draw attention to unique details.

Under the Bar Lights LED

Adding a thin strip of lighting underneath a bar top will bring attention to the details of the front of the bar.

The under bar lighting shown below is subtle, but helps show off the texture of the wood slats on the front side of the bar.

Warm Bar Lighting

The warm glow from the decorative bar lights matches the lighting above and compliments the shelving on the back wall.

under bar lighting
Photo: Instagram @nultylighting

Bar Lights Neon

Here is another example of neon bar lights that accent the final finishes of a bar. These lights can be changed to any color and can even softly change colors.

If you are still in the early stages of designing your bar, you might find these basement bar ideas post helpful.

bar lighting

LED Strip Lights

Led strip lights are inexpensive and easy to attach to underneath a bar, around bar shelves, or anywhere you need ligting.

I purchased a few sets of these strip lights to adhere underneath the bar top, behind the bar, and around the bar shelving.

I have had these led strip lights for over 5 years now and they are still working great and I haven’t had to adjust them at all.

Pendant Bar Lighting

Pendant lighting above a bar can help add drama and tie in the theme of the space. If you are trying to bring in more color or make small details pop, lighting is a great way to do it.

For instance you can try to coordinate copper bar stools with copper pendant lighting then have subtle details in the background.

bar lights
Photo: Instagram @aroderickelectrical

Globe Pendant Bar Lighting

Globe lights are subtle and classic, yet they still remaining visually interesting. They have a simple style that isn’t too trendy or overpowering.

This style of lighting looks great displayed over a bar area or a kitchen island. You can even try making these yourself with a single pendant light bulb and a glass globe or similar shade.

cocktail lights
Photo: Instagram @youarebarred

Bar Shelf Lighting

Instead of lighting up the bar, you could display a strip of lights or puck lights underneath each bar shelf.

Bar shelf lighting makes the entire back wall look like an accent wall, while illuminating liquor bottles on the shelves.

bar shelf lights

These are the led strip lights that I installed in my bar shelving. If you are looking for more bar shelving ideas then you will enjoy our other bar post.

Outdoor Bar Lighting

Adding a string of bright white lights give soft glow to an outside entertaining area. These Edison string lights are affordable and durable making them great for the outdoors.

If you are looking for more outdoor bar ideas then you will find this post helpful!

You can find more amazing under bar lightings ideas here!

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