How to Easily Make DIY Home Bar Shelves

If you are thinking about building a homemade bar with lighted home bar shelves then here are great bar design plans.

When I my first built home bar shelves, I only added a few lighted bar shelves on the side. I regret not adding more shelving like these bars.

If you want to learn how to build a bar without any woodworking experience then here are some great directions!

Home Bar Shelves

If you are like me then you some how ended up with a thousand beer and wine glasses.

I am not sure how I collected so many cups, but I had no place to store them in my small kitchen.

Even after I donated several glasses, I still have way too many, so I definitely needed to add bar shelves.

The lighted bar shelves not only look visually pleasing, but they serve as great storage for liquor and barware.

One thing I regret about my homemade bar, is that I did not add enough shelving.

Homemade Bar

My homemade bar design plans seat 7 people comfortably at an L shaped bar.

I turned my basement into an entertainment space for family and friends with these easy to follow bar plans.

When I build my next bar, I am definitely adding more lighter bar shelves and making my bar even bigger because you can always use more seats for guests!

Split Bar Shelves

The great thing about splitting the shelves like this, is that a person can easily stand or sit in between these shelves.

The shelves also, leave enough room for a wine fridge or a kegerator.

If you have some scrap wood left from build your bar, then this is a good way to save on lumber because you only need small pieces of wood to build these.

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Maximum Bar Shelving

This is how I should of built the shelving behind my home bar.

A customer of ours used our bar blueprints and made adjustments to add more shelving as as seen below.

There is almost 2nd bar top and tons of shelving, that you will never run out storage with this bar.

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Hutch Bar Storage

A friend of ours took an old hutch and cut it down to make a small 2 person bar.

The hutch already had the shelving built into it, so the bar was then wrapped in plywood and stained.

Using a hutch saved a lot of money on lumber, and the shelving was easy to move around for storing taller or shorter items.

Here are more before and after photos of this hutch bar build.

homemade bar, diy bar

Simple Lighted Bar Shelves

To save money on plywood when building your bar, you can leave the bar frame exposed like this bar.

The exposed frame can then be used as bar shelving as seen below!

This will not only save on lumber, but this will save a ton of time with cuts and measurements.

home bar shelving, lighted bar shelves, diy bar

Open Bar Shelving

If you want to do a more simple and clean bar shelving design then add open bar shelving behind the bar.

Adding open shelving on the wall will be much easier than adding shelving into the bar itself.

The cuts are much more intricate when adding shelving into a homemade bar.

So, if you decided to add shelving to the wall instead of your bar, you will have extra room for a wine fridge or kegerator.

open bar shelves, diy bar

We hope you found these bar shelving ideas helpful for your basement bar design! If you want to learn how to build a bar without any woodworking experience then here are some great directions!

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