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19 Silent Auction Basket Ideas That Can be Used as Gifts

These silent auction basket ideas are fun and easy to design yourself for any occasion. You can make one of these baskets on any budget and get as creative as you want with it.

These gift basket ideas are also great as a birthday or Christmas gift for that someone special. It can be hard trying to find the perfect gift, so instead create your own by adding personalized items to your gift basket.

Fun Silent Auction Basket Ideas

If you were tasked to make a basket for a silent auction or just need a gift idea then you will love these ideas. 

gift basket ideas

After reading through these ideas, select a theme that best fit your needs or the person that you are shopping for.

Once you have your theme in mind, set a budget for the project and determine how large the basket needs to be. 

Filling a gift basket can get expensive quick, so try to splurge on one or two items to keep your budget on track. Then add smaller more affordable items to help fill up the basket to prevent it from looking empty.

8 Steps to Creating an Auction Basket

1. Set a budget.

2. Pick a theme.

3. Select a rounded basket.

4 . Fill bottom with tissue paper or other filler.

5. Add items to the basket.

6. Arrange items, so they are visible and symmetrical.

7. Wrap the basket in cellophane wrap.

8. Tie the cellophane wrap with a ribbon or bow.

1. Kitchen Basket

Fill a basket with miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, towels, small decor, wooden utensils, and salt and pepper grinder.

Depending on your budget you could even add a frying pan, spatulas, wooden cutting board, food grade mineral oil, or a couple of good quality knives.

silent auction basket ideas

2. Mancave Basket

The mancave basket is everything that a man needs to relax in his basement without his nagging wife. A few items include beer, whiskey, barware, snacks, or diy bar plans to build his own bar.

3. Day at the Beach Gift Basket

Think of everything that you would typically pack for a day at the beach then recreate it in a basket.

A few ideas include; sun screen, beach towel, snacks, stainless steel water bottle, small cooler, beach toys, or even a beach tag to your local beach.

beach gift basket
Photo: Instagram @craftpurge

4. Movie Night 

Load a basket with everything that is needed to enjoy a movie night at home on a Friday night.

Fill a basket with popcorn, candy, snacks, wine, beer, a gift card to Netflix or another streaming service.

Another option would be to include a gift card to a local pizza shop for takeout too.

5. Moscow Mule in a Basket

Gather all items needed to make a Moscow mule or another popular drink then add them to the basket.

If you are making a Moscow mule basket then you will definitely want to add a set of copper mugs.

Asides from the mugs you should add alcohol, limes, straws, drink umbrellas, and other barware accessories.

silent auction basket ideas

6. Gambler Basket

Pick up a bunch of scratch offs and arrange them in a small basket or display the scratch offs on a stand.

If you decide to use a basket to display the scratch offs, consider adding mini liquor bottles to help fill the basket.

7. Sweet Tooth

This candy gift basket should be filled with delicious sweet treats such as chocolate, candy, cookies, and other dessert items.

8. Spa Night 

Create beauty gift basket filled with selfcare items to relax and unwind at home. Add a scented candle, aromatherapy oils and diffuser, a few sheet masks, exfoliator, face steamer, moisturizer, pumice, and nail polish.

beauty basket gift

9. Handy Basket

This basket should be filled with small tools, a home improvement gift card, spackle, putty knife, drill bits, sand paper. Anything that would be needed around the house would fit perfectly into this basket.

10. Wine Basket Ideas

A charcuterie and wine basket would look nice with a bottle of wine, wine opener, a cutting board, knife, crackers, cheese, dried meats, nuts, pretzels, and dips.

wine basket ideas

11. Organization Basket

For this basket think everything organization such as, label maker, refill label tape, fine point sharpie, a few small containers, and a gift card to the Container Store.

12. Alcohol Gift Basket

You can’t go wrong with a basket of any type of alcohol because people love stocking their at home bar.

Fill a basket with your favorite wine, beer, hard liquor, and barware items to complete the basket.

13. Clean Freak Basket

A cleaning basket sounds boring, but it is very useful and won’t go to waste. Add items such as Clorox wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, scrub brushes, utility gloves, laundry pods, dryer sheets, or Windex.

If the budget allows for more you could add a steam mop or a Swiffer with refill items.

14. Art Basket

An art basket is a fun idea to make for kids because every kid loves Crayola. Fill this silent auction basket with a bunch of Crayola items such as crayons, markers, paint, brushes, coloring books, molding clay, and sidewalk chalk.

15.Coffee or Tea Basket

Fill a basket with bags of coffee or tea, travel mugs, a Starbucks gift card, a French press, and other accessories.

16. Game Night

Create a game night at home by adding board games, cards, puzzles, wine, beer, and snacks.

17. Grilling Basket

A grilling basket should be loaded with everything required to be a grill master. Add items such as a set of grilling spatulas and tongs, veggie grill basket, apron, seasoning, sauces, and a grilling book.

18. New Baby Gift Basket

A baby gift basket should be filled with an assortment or baby items. Add onesies, toys, board books, diapers, wipes, gift card, burp clothes, bath items, and other baby items.

19. Sports Gift Basket

Fill a basket with your local sport team gear such as event tickets, t-shirt, books, and other memorabilia.

If you are giving away event tickets in this basket, consider adding items needs to tailgate too.

auction basket ideas

Tips to Filling Auction Baskets

I find it easier to use a rounded basket because a rounded basket brings the items together nicely and look full.

Add tissue paper, grass, or other items to fluff up the bottom of the basket. This keeps the items from falling toward the bottom of basket, so all the items are visible.

Wrap the basket in cellophane wrap to keep all of the items together and make the basket look professional.

If you need help with wrapping and filling the basket, you might find these tips helpful.