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Easy DIY Fall Table Decor

Easy DIY Fall Table Decor

Designing a fall table decor doesn’t have to be made from new and expensive items. Instead shop your own home for items that can be revamped with a coat of spray paint.

Fall Table Decor

I’ve always loved an over the top tablescape, but I am too cheap to spend all of the money to create one.

Instead of buying more decor that I didn’t need, I used plastic bottles and spray paint to make my own fall table decor.

diy fall decor

Vases for the Fall Tablescape

I recently went dairy free after changing my diet and lifestyle, so I started drinking coconut or almond milk.

Califia Farms makes delicious coconut milk and their products come in a really cool shaped bottle.

So, I started saving these bottles because I knew I could make something out of these.

Califia farms
Before spray painting these bottles

Items Used to Make Fall Tablescape:

  • Bottles or Vases
  • Behr Chalk Paint
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Floral

How to Apply Behr Chalk Paint

Behr chalk paint was one of the easiest spray paints to work with because the paint went on so smooth.

Just like with any spray paint you want to work in a well ventilated area, cover your surrounding areas with drop cloths, and wear a good mask.

I typically wear N95 masks when I spray paint and stain, but they are hard to come by right now.

So, I worked in a well ventilated area and didn’t wear a mask this time.

Apply your first coat holding the behr chalk paint about 6-12 inches away from the item that you are spray painting.

Wait about half an hour in between coats of paint.

I applied a total of two coats of paint to cover my clear plastic Califia farm bottles.

Fall Table Decor
After applying 2 coats of Behr chalk paint. So smooth!!

Add Twine to the Bottles

The Califia Farms bottles came out so smooth using Behr chalk paint.

After the bottles were completely dried, I started to add twine around the rim of the bottle to make this look more like a vase.

Simply just apply hot glue around the rim of the bottle and lightly press on twine around the rim.

behr chalk paint projects
Now to cover the top of the chalk painted bottles

Keep working your way around the bottle adding hot glue as needed.

Then tuck the end piece of the twine behind the existing twine on the bottle to hide the end.

behr chalk paint
Keep adding random drops of hot glue and cover with twine.

Decorating the Table

To turn your vases into a beautiful fall centerpiece, add floral, napkins, plates, chargers or placemats, and pumpkins.

Spread the items out the table heights are even, so the decor looks symmetrical. Scatter neutral colored pumpkins throughout the table to fill any empty spaces.

Then layer textured placemats underneath neutral plates topped with plaid napkins to match the floral centerpieces.

fall table decor
Here is my table scrap with Califia Farms

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.