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Laundry Room Shelving Ideas to Maximize Space

These laundry room shelving ideas, will add a ton of extra storage to keep everything neat and organized. Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to updating, but you should consider this space for a quick weekend project.

Go Bold in Your Laundry Room

If you have a bold wallpaper that you have been wanting to try then this is a good place to do it.

Since a laundry room is a small space that is typically overlooked this is where you can have fun with your design.

rustic laundry room ideas

So, go for a paint color or wallpaper that you wouldn’t feel safe using in your living room. 

Then consider adding a wood shelf or cabinet in your laundry room to maximize the space.

A laundry room should be fun and possibly make you want to actually fold clothes.

Sorry to disappoint, but I still leave my laundry in the dryer for weeks after my laundry room renovation. 

Small Laundry Room Shelf Ideas

My laundry room was a basic builder grade with laminate flooring, white wire shelving, and bad lighting. 

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money updating this space, so I renovated this laundry room with my husband. 

We installed vinyl flooring directly over the laminate flooring, painted the wall, and replaced the white wire shelf.

Adding a wood shelf in the laundry with matching vinyl flooring really warmed up this laundry room

My laundry room does not have any windows, so I went with a light paint color by Sherwin Williams.

If you need tips to lay down vinyl flooring then view our other post on small laundry room ideas.

laundry room shelving ideas

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

A friend of mine needed help designing her pantry and laundry room combo, so we decided to add painted cabinets.

We both thought it would be fun to go out of our comfort zone with the design for this space.

Instead of doing white laundry room cabinets and gray walls, we selected a bold finishes.

This laundry room is a little larger, so there was room for lots of shelves and cabinets.

The cabinets and shelves in the laundry room were painted Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams.

laundry room shelving ideas

If you are planning on painting your laundry room cabinets this is the best paint.

Bold Flooring in Laundry Room

My friend has always wanted to try this bold gothic style flooring somehwere in her home.

She couldn’t get her husband to agree to using this flooring in a bathroom, so she added it to her laundry room.

The gothic style floor tile really pops against the painted green laundry room cabinets, and butcher block counters.

Laundry Room Butcherblock Countertops

Most laundry rooms do not have a window, so they don’t have the best lighting.

This ends up making a laundry room feel cold and small, so adding wood to the room will warm up the space.

The butcher block helped to warm this small laundry room with natural wood tones..

The baskets match the butcher block while adding texture to the space.

Wallpapered Laundry Room

A laundry room closet shouldn’t be overlooked because it is a tight space. 

The nice thing about a small laundry room is that it can be made over in a weekend or less. 

Asides from knocking out this DIY quickly and on a budget, you can do a bold design in this space. 

If there is a unique wallpaper or dramatic wall color that you’ve had the itch to try then this is the perfect place to test it out. 

laundry room wallpaper

Testing out a bold design in a small laundry room is a great way to see if you actually like this design once it’s on the wall. 

So, if the design isn’t quite what you thought then painting of it will be an easy fix in a small space.

The wallpaper, adding wood shelving, and a small painted cabinet made a big impact on this tiny laundry room.

Small Laundry Room Shelving

Most laundry rooms come with builder grade white wire shelving that doesn’t do anything for the space because it looks cheap.

Adding stained wood shelves and black brackets, made this laundry room functional and visually pleasing.

These wood shelves are so easy to make and can be cut to fit into your laundry room perfectly.

shelf ideas for laundry room

Rustic Laundry Room Ideas

Here is a beautiful rustic laundry room with plenty of storage and a small area to fold clothes.

The tall white cabinets and subway backsplash make this space feel much larger than it is.

laundry room shelving ideas
Photo Credit: Garrison Hullinger

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

To give your space a little character on a budget, you can buy inexpensive digital art that can be printed at home and framed.

You can also, make your own wall decor or repurpose items that you already have in your home.

I made this DIY Pottery Barn Knock-Off canvas from an outdated canvas that I had in my basement.

A simple wood laundry room sign will really warm up the space too.

If you need more tips and tricks to figure out your design style before decorating, here are some tips!

Make sure you know what your style is before you start decorating, so you love how the space comes out.

laundry room shelving ideas
Every room needs this!

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