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8 Laundry Room Shelves to Maximize Space

Does your laundry room feel like a cluttered mess and you don’t know how to organize it? These laundry room shelves, will add a ton of extra storage to keep everything neat and organized.

Laundry rooms are often overlooked when it comes to updating, but you should consider this space for a quick weekend project.

Don’t be afraid to go out of your design comfort zone and make this a fun place to fold clothes.

1. Wood Laundry Room Shelves

My laundry room was a basic builder grade with laminate flooring, white wire shelving, and bad lighting. 

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money updating this space, so I renovated this laundry room with my husband. 

We installed vinyl flooring directly over the laminate flooring, painted the wall, and replaced the white wire shelf.

The wood laundry room shelves with coordinating flooring dramatically warmed up this laundry room

My laundry room does not have any windows, so I went with a light paint color by Sherwin Williams.

laundry room shelving ideas

2. Bright Laundry Room with Floating Shelves

These bright white floating shelves look lovely in this laundry room. Even if these floating shelves look purely decorative in this space, I don’t hate it because it makes me feel tempted to fold cloths in this space.

Adding baskets to the laundry room shelves are a great way to hide miscellaneous laundry items and other cleaning products.

laundry room shelves
Designed by MmsDeco

3. DIY Laundry Pedestal

Lifting laundry machines might sound crazy, but it is actually much more practical than you realize. Adding pedestals underneath the laundry machines allows you to easily reach items inside the machine.

The DIY pedestals can be designed as small storage shelves to store detergent and other laundry items.

4. Pantry and Laundry Room Shelves

A friend of mine needed help designing her pantry and laundry room combo, so we decided to large cabinets with lots of shelving.

Then we painted the cabinets the paint color Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams to add a pop of color in this drab room.

Laundry Room Design

We both thought it would be fun to go out of our comfort zone with the design for this laundry room.

Instead of doing white laundry room cabinets and your typical neutral palate, we selected bold colors and flooring.

This laundry room is a little larger, so there was room for lots of shelves and cabinets for storage.

If you are planning on painting your laundry room cabinets this is the best paint for the job. This paint can hold up in heavy traffic areas and withstand moisture and mildew.

laundry room shelves

5. Closet Laundry Room Storage

Most laundry rooms come with builder grade white wire shelving that doesn’t do anything for the space. The wire shelving looks cheap and doesn’t provide much functionality because items fall through the slots on the shelf.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Design

Adding stained wood shelves and black brackets, made this laundry room functional and visually pleasing.

These wood shelves are so easy to make and can be cut to fit into your laundry room perfectly. The white cabinet was purchased from Facebook marketplace and painted to match the space.

Hanging a laundry room cabinet can give you a place to hide cleaning products and laundry detergent.

farmhouse laundry room

6. Rustic Laundry Room Ideas

Here is a beautiful rustic laundry room with plenty of storage and a small area to fold clothes.

The tall white cabinets and subway backsplash make this space feel much larger than it is. A heavy wood door adds a rustic touch to this laundry room.

When the wood barn doors are closed, you would never know there is a mountain of laundry is overflowing behind the door.

rustic laundry room ideas
Photo Credit: Garrison Hullinger

7. Tight on Space Laundry Room

Even if you are tight on space, you can still find space to design an adorable laundry room like the one below. This laundry room is bright and fun, and makes the most of the space with the laundry room shelves and side cabinet.

A laundry room is a great space to show your personality in the design and go out of your comfort zone.

8. Garage Laundry Area

A garage laundry area doesn’t have to be boring and drab. Instead make the most of the space by adding bright white shelving and warm tones to make the space feel more inviting.

I love all of the organization going on in this garage. Displaying how organize your space is looks just as nice as a decorative laundry shelves in my opinion.

Something about organization is just so exciting to look at. Maybe it is just me but I really enjoy spaces like this.

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

To give your space a little character on a budget, you can buy inexpensive digital art that can be printed at home and framed.

You can also, make your own wall decor or repurpose items that you already have in your home. Even a coat of paint and wood shelves can make a big difference to bright up the space.

I’ve only scratched the surface here when it comes to laundry storage ideas. You can find even creative laundry storage ideas, from the Knock Off Decor blog.

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