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Throw Pillows for Grey Couches

Can’t decide on throw pillows for your grey couch? Well, it doesn’t have to be so complicated if you follow a few simple tips and tricks to style your couch.

Mixing and matching throw pillows for grey couch is actually easier than you might think. Throw pillows can totally transform a space, so don’t be afraid to test out colors that you might not normally try.

Struggling to Decorate with Throw Pillows

Before I came up with my own rules for decorating with throw pillows, I would stand in the pillow isle for well over an hour.

I used to circle the isle thinking something new would magically appear that would jump out at me as the winner.

Then I would just settle on what looks good enough because I was in the store for way too long.

Why must it be so complicated to put together 4-5 pillows without spending hours in the isle of Home Goods?!

For some reason I thought bringing the pillows home and displaying them on my grey couch would make me like them.

Nope, I was always underwhelmed and annoyed that I had to go back to the store and start over.

Throw Pillows for Grey Couch Tips

It only took me a few years, but finally I figured out how to decorate with throw pillows to save me time and money.

I am not an interior designer, so these might not be the best rules to go by but they helped me make sense of decorating.

Typically I struggle to decorate with more than 1 color or pattern, so I found a few tricks to make it easier to make my home more interesting.

Hopefully you find some of my rules helpful when decorating with throw pillows for your grey couch.

throw pillows for grey couch

Rule #1 – Throw Pillows with a Pattern

I recommend finding a throw pillow pattern that you won’t be tired of looking at after a month.

A throw pillow with thin stripes or a simple geometric pattern will probably last longer than a bold floral pattern.

If you really want to try a bold pattern then I suggest a throw pillow cover or muted tones in the better.

A throw pillow cover is a great option for a busy pattern because you can easily change the look of the pillow by switching the covers.

The idea is to avoid ending up with a basement full of pillows that you are tired of looking at.

throw pillows for grey couch

My kids love that I struggle to decorate because they have pillows to “throw” around or stash in their forts.

Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillow covers, are a great way to save money because you can use pillows that you already have as inserts.

Sometimes you can find throw pillow covers cheaper than buying a whole new set of pillows.

Before you buy new pillows, measure your current pillows to try to use them as inserts for the covers.

This will save you some space in your basement, so you don’t have to store a large stack of throw pillows.

throw pillows for grey couch
Bedroom Pillows

Covers are also fun to change out each season or to match your holiday decor.

Where To Find Cute Throw Pillows and Covers

I typically find cute throw pillow covers and curtains on Pottery Barn’s website.

If you keep an eye out for sales, you can find really good quality covers for a decent price that will last for a long time.

I also, found cute throw pillows and affordable inserts on Woven Nook’s website.

Woven Nook has items with unique designs and quality fabrics, so they hold up really well.

Another great place to find cute throw pillows and other miscellaneous home decor is Target.

Target is always right on trend with their throw pillow selection and the prices are reasonable too.

Rule #2 – Throw Pillows with Color

Once you have the pattern down, pick colors that will match or compliment the pattern.

Try not to be so matchy or your pillows might end up looking boring.

If you have a hard time with color, try a muted version of the color that you are planning to add in.

The nice thing about using muted colors is that you won’t get sick of looking at it.

Rule #3 – Throw Pillows with Texture

Add a little texture to make your space a little more interesting.

If you struggle with patterns then start with texture to warm up to the idea of a pattern.

Your texture can be either neutral or a color to match your other throw pillows for your grey couch.

throw pillows for grey couch

Rule #4 – Throw Pillow Sizing

Consider the position and size of your throw pillows for your couch.

I prefer to have 22 inch bookend throw pillows on each side of my grey couch.

Then I like to add smaller throw pillows in between the 22 inch pillows.

I typically go with 20 – 18 inch pillows then a lumbar pillow in between the 22 inch bookend pillows.

Decorating With Color

Before you start selecting color you should consider the undertones of the colors that you are working with.

If you are decorating with cool tones like grays and blues then you should decide if you want to compliment these tones or match these tones.

throw pillows for grey couch


A monochromatic look is a good way to start with color, but not get too complicated.

Monochromatic color scheme is easy to add into any space because you are only adding in a single color, but it different shades of the same color.

Decorating with color can go beyond throw pillows, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get the hang of it.

Contrasting Throw Pillows for Grey Couches

Using lighter or darker colors will add an interesting contrast to your grey couch. If you have a light grey couch, you should consider add a darker shade that will pop against the light grey.

Or if you have a darker grey couch, you should consider a lighter throw pillow such as ivory.

Adding Color With No Commitment

If you want to add color without really committing to adding color, good news you can do it with these simple pillows!

Here are some tricks to add color without buying a bunch of bold throw pillows.

Conclusion – Decorate with Your Personal Style in Mind

Whatever you decide to add to a room, make sure it is what you like and know your design style before decorating.

This might sound silly, but I found myself decorating my home with someone else’s taste in mind.

I was worried what other people would want a home to look like, if I were to ever sell my home.

Do not do this because you will end up redecorating and spending more money than you planned to make your home feel like your own.

Remember to always decorate for you and make your home YOUR home!

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