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Repainting Kitchen Cabinets and Caring for Them

I am sharing my best tips and tricks to fix and repainting kitchen cabinets and how to clean painted cabinets.

How to Clean Painted Cabinets

I found the best way to clean cabinets is to use mild household products and soft towels or sponges.

Grease and smoke from cooking may make white cabinets appear slightly yellow.

Do not use any abrasive cleaners or brushes to clean the cabinets.

repainting kitchen cabinets

To clean the cabinets simply mix dish soap and water into a spray bottle or bowl.

Then spray or wipe down all areas of the cabinets with a a soft cloth or sponge.

A toothbrush can also be helpful to clean the grooves of the cabinet doors.

Gently wipe down each cabinet door one by one with the soapy water then dry each cabinet after it has been cleaned.

Items Required to Clean Painted Cabinets:

Prevent White Cabinets from Turning Yellow

Do not apply a thick layer of clear coat or you will not have smooth painted cabinets.

A thick layer of clear coat will dry in the grooves of the cabinet doors, and may leave drips.

The drips of clear coat will dry a light yellow on the white cabinets.

Also, make sure to remove your cabinet doors and drawers before applying the clear coat to your cabinets for a much smoother finish.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Painting cabinets is an affordable update for your kitchen, but to make them last you need to take care of them the right way.

Even if you paint your cabinets correctly, you will probably notice a chip in your painted cabinets overtime.

I painted my kitchen cabinets 4 years ago, and they have held up great over the years.

There have only been a few small chips in the paint on a couple of drawers and cabinet doors.

Since I have a two toddler boys, it was only a matter of time until I had to repaint my kitchen cabinets.

If you are repainting all of your kitchen cabinets then you should lightly sand all of the painted areas.

Sand the cabinets with a fine sandpaper to smooth out brush strokes and roughen the surface.

Then follow the steps in the this post and use the recommend Behr paint to repainting kitchen cabinets the right way.

Items Required:

If you are touching up a small chip in the paint, you can leave the cabinet doors on the hinges.

Next you will want to remove the hardware from the cabinets, to avoid accidentally painting the hardware.

If your cabinets are really dirty or greasy, you should clean them with soapy water before sanding and painting.

repainting kitchen cabinets

Sanding Chipped Paint on Kitchen Cabinets

Now that the cabinet is ready, begin lightly sanding the the chipped paint on the kitchen cabinets with fine sand paper.

When you sand the cabinets you only need to sand the area just to smooth the paint chip.

You do not need to sand the area down to the wood.

Then wipe the sanded area down with a dry rag to remove any dust.

A few areas on my cabinets did not require sanding as the chip was very small, so I just simply cleaned and painted this area.

If you have deeper chips in your cabinets then you will definitely want to sand before painted.

Painting Chipped Cabinets

After sanding the chipped paint, you can now touch up your painted cabinets.

To painted the chipped cabinets, I lightly dabbed the paint on the area.

Then I smoothed the brush strokes out with either my paint brush or a foam brush.

The foam brush is a cheaper way to smooth out a small area of paint instead of using a roller.

chipped painted cabinets
Touching up the chipped paint

If the area that you are working on is really large, you may want to use a high density foam roller to smooth out the paint.

The high density foam roller is meant for painting cabinets, and can better apply the paint that the brush.

Then let you cabinets dry and apply an additional coat if needed. I only needed 2 light coats to repair the chips on my cabinets.

touch up chipped painted cabinets
Using the foam brush to touch up chipped painted cabinets

Clear Coat on Paint Cabinets

If you used Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit to update you cabinets, make sure to apply a thin layer of clear coat over the area that you just painted to protect it.

Not all cabinet paints require a protective clear coat, but most cabinet kits do include a clear coat.

Even though I have to occasionally touch up my painted cabinets, I am really happy with how they came out.

If you are still debating on painting your cabinets, read all about my mistakes and tips to painting cabinets.

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