Decorative Baskets using chalk paint

How to Make Basket Wall Art Using a Charger Placemat

DIY Basket wall art is stylish, but not the most budget friendly. I found a way to turn jute charger placemats into DIY decorative baskets.

While I was browsing through home decor, I came across basket wall art on Pottery Barn and Anthroplogie.

The decorative baskets were really nice at both of these stores, but I didn’t love the price tag.

So, instead of purchasing overly priced decor, I decided to make DIY decorative baskets using jute.

I rummaged through random items that were stored in my basement to make my own decorative baskets.

In my search, I found jute charger placemats that I could repurpose into diy decorative baskets.

I’m constantly moving things around in my home to see what will work better in each room.

So, I couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars for basket wall art that I will remove in a few months. 

Choose Your Materials for The Decorative Baskets

The charger placemats that I found were flat, but made out of Jute.

The jute allowed me to stretch and mold the charger into a shallow basket. 

basket decor
Just a few items are need to make these decorative baskets!

Get creative with this, you might be able to find cheap baskets that look similar to these.

A coat of spray paint can totally change the look of an outdated basket.

How to Cut the Basket Wall Art

I used a total of 3 charger placemats to create this design.

The larger basket in my design, is the original size of the charter placemat.

For the medium size charger placement, I cut off 2-3 rows of jute with good scissors.

I cut 6-8 rows of jute from the smallest size charger placement. 

Sizing the jute baskets

Try to cut the chargers as neat as possible because the edges will be exposed in the final product.

There will be stray pieces of jute hanging from the ends after cutting, but this can be trimmed with scissors.

After each charger placemat has been cut to size, save the jute that was cut from the charger placement. 

how to cut jute
After cutting the placemat – save this ring!

How to Chalk Paint the Inside

Lay the jute ring that was cut from the medium sized charger over top of the largest charger.

This will allow you to spray paint inside this circle for a clean line on the outside. 

Place the smallest jute ring that was cut from the smallest sized charger over top of the medium charger placemat.

Again this is so you can spray paint a circle inside of the charger placemat. 

diy basket art with jute
Place the ring of jute around the placemat to cover this area for chalk painting.

I had to get creative with the smallest circle, since I did not have a jute ring that was smaller.

So, I looked around my home for tupperware, plates, or bowls that would fit the smaller sized charger. 

Easy Spray Paint Projects!

If you have extra jars laying around, this is a super easy Christmas craft idea with stone spray paint and twine!

A salad plate fits perfectly inside of the circle of the smallest charger placemat.

I traced the small charger onto scrap paper then I traced the salad plate inside the center of the circle. 

After cutting out the ring from the scrap paper, I adhered the ring to the smaller charger.

I used painters tape underneath the paper, so the paper would stay in place while I applied the spray paint. 

Once all chargers had the outside rings in place, I sprayed a light coat of spray paint to the inside.

Then I stepped back to see how it looked before applying a second coat of spray paint. 

How to chalk paint decorative baskets
After using spray chalk paint on the decorative baskets

I applied two coats of aged gray chalk spray paint to all of my charger placemats.

I used chalked spray paint because I had some leftover from another project and it has a nice matte finish.

You can really use any spray paint you want for this, but I would recommend a matte finish. 

Upcycled Christmas Crafts

Upcycled Christmas craft ideas using outdated decor or trash!

Fun Christmas craft projects that the whole family will enjoy making.

How to Paint the Design onto DIY Baskets

Once the gray spray paint was completely dry, I removed the outside rings and started applying the white paint.

At first I was thinking I would spray paint the white part. Then I realized this was going to be tricky to get the design to look right. 

So, I went with white linen chalk paint and a paintbrush that I had in my basement from another project.

My basement is filled with hidden gems. I really should start looking around there more before I go off to the store to buy more stuff. 

I also recommend using a flat paint or any type of paint that will dry matte for this part.

Do not apply a thick coat of white paint because the lines will end up too bright white.

The picture of Fele hanging basket from Anthropolgie was the inspiration for my design. 

Anthropolgie Fele Hanging Baskets – Retails over $300!

The paint might end up looking bright white and look hideous at first, but it will dry better.

My largest charger placement looked too white because there is a lot of white in this design.

My largest placemat looked too bright white, so I decided to spray this again with the gray.

I placed the jute ring around the outside and lightly sprayed the placemat with gray to tone down the white. 

how to paint diy decorative baskets
After hand painting the white part of the design. Our bar works perfectly for crafting! If you need a bar for crafting or drinking a glass of wine or both, check out our DIY Bar Plans!

The white paint looked so much better after a light coat of gray spray paint. 

Once you start to shape the placemat into a basket, the paint will start to appear less homemade looking.

If you don’t love your design, you can spray the placemat again or flip it over and try again on the other side.

Turn a Jute Charger Placemat Into DIY Basket Wall Art

Start by pulling the edges to loosen the charger and to help separate the paint for a more natural look.

Some of my paint clumped together in a few spots, so pulling the edges helped move the paint around.

I used a large bowl to help me shape the chargers into a shallow basket by rounding the edges.

After shaping the chargers were shaped, I placed them on top of the bowl the upside down bowl.

how to create your own basket wall art out of jute chargers
Lightly pull on the charger placemat to stretch and work it into a shallow basket.

I left the chargers on the upside down bowl for overnight to see if they would stay molded.

You might be that you don’t even need to do this step. It all depends on the materials that you are using for this project.

How to Hang the Basket Wall Art

To hang the basket wall art, you can simply just put a thin nail right through the basket.

This is how I adhered my basket wall art, and I can’t notice the small nail. 

They have now been hanging for a month, and are still holding their shape nicely.

Another way to hang the basekets, is to hot glue alligator teeth to the back of each basket.

Then hang the baskets on the wall by the alligator teeth to a nail.

how to hang decorative baskets
Hanging decorative baskets
diy basket wall art made from jute chargers
Here are my finished decorative baskets hanging on the wall. I am planning on adding some more soon!

Please comment if you have any questions on this project! I hope you love your decorative baskets!

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