Rustic Decor – Accent Wall

$25 – $100

There are a trillion accent walls that you can do today, and if you’re Joanna Gaines there’s only one – ship lap. What I’m going to go over though is one of this easiest, quickest, and cleanest that you can possibly do. I must warn you that it’s somewhat addicting because of how easy it is. Next thing you know is there’s a rustic decor accent wall in your coat closet and maybe even your garage.

Wood Wall

The great thing about these boxes though is that they’re mixed dark shades and are super light weight planks of wood so you literally don’t have to do anything but cut them (maybe) to fit. They’re ready to hang. I didn’t have to cut mine because I was putting it on a big wall and kind of wanted it to explode out on each side.

Hanging the Boards – This is the Only Step

So, how do you mount them? Are you ready for it? There are two ways you could go about this. The first is with glue and finish nails. The second is just with finish nails. I chose the ladder because it isn’t really necessary to use the glue unless you don’t plan on ever moving them.

When I used the finish nails I really only had to put 3 in each one – one on each end and one in the middle. I tried to hit a stud with at least one of the nails and I didn’t pre-drill. I simply chose a spot and hammered them in.

Wood Wall
Rustic Decor Accent Wall

This wall looks perfect behind my bar. And if you’re wondering how to build a bar, there’s a post for that here!


  • I had multiple boxes, so made sure to mix them together. I alternated dark, light, and medium shades so that two of the same tone weren’t right next to each other or on top of each other. Of course, you could arrange your pattern however you want.
  • I started at the ceiling and worked my way down since I knew that I wasn’t going all the way to floor and it was a lot easier than trying to measure in the middle of the wall and start somewhere there.
  • Make sure you use a level when you first start to make sure the first row is level and straight, then you can build off of that. I still checked a row every now and then to make sure that it was still level, and made slight adjustments if needed.

These boards have been up for 3 years now and aren’t showing any signs of coming loose.

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