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Everything You Need to Know to Building a Bar

Everything You Need to Know to Building a Bar

If you are looking to build your own home bar, but you aren’t sure where to start then this is the right place. Building a bar is not that complicated, but it can be overwhelming.

We have had customers build a bar without ever picking up a hammer or drill in their lives.

They are so proud that they were able to learn how to build a bar without paying someone to do it for them.

Our instructions help simplify building a bar and take a lot of the guess work out of the project with a cut list and exact measurements.

The plans are made to take the guess word and frustration out of your DIY project.

This will prevent a lot of confusion the lumber isle and decrease the amount of scrap wood leftover.

We have a lot of helpful posts to building a bar, so we broke it down into chapters. The chapters make it easier to read and navigate through these posts.

Bar Guide:

bar intro post by Brian

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