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Beautiful Exterior Christmas Lights

These exterior Christmas lights will leave you feeling festive. Decorating the outside of your home doesn’t have to be a big project. Even a few strings of lights and a simple wreath can warm up a home for the holidays.

Outdoor Christmas lights can bring excitement for the neighborhood kids and even your own family. It seems silly, but something about Christmas lights can bring cheer to anyone during the holiday season.

outdoor christmas lights

Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas

If you have a large porch, this is the perfect place to bring the holiday cheer. Luckily you wont need a tall ladder to decorate a similar space.

To achieve this look, simply wrap lights around the banister then frame the windows and entry. Decorate front porch benches with warm fuzzy blankets, plaid throw pillows, and lanterns.

porch christmas lights
Photo @under.the.mistletoe

Adding fluffy greenery, big red bows, and a simple strand of white lights along the roof line is exactly what this house needed to bring the holiday cheer. This house has simple exterior Christmas lights but it still gives you the feel of a winter wonderland.

farmhouse christmas porch
Photo @themodestfarmhouse

Multicolor Exterior Christmas Lights

The colorful Christmas lights lost their popularity over the years, because the warm white lights took over. White lighting is much easier to decorate with and mix with other holiday decorations.

The white lights can feel a bit boring though if everyone has the same exterior Christmas lights. If done right the multicolor lights can look just as beautiful and classy as the white Christmas lights.

exterior christmas lights
Photo @theendofthegraveldrive

Classic White Exterior Christmas Lights

Don’t let the thought of lugging totes outside in the cold to decorate outdoors deter you. It might seem a like work while you are attaching lights to the exterior of your home, but once you are finish you will be happy you took on the project.

Stepping back to admire your hard work is satisfying and will leave you feeling proud, and of course festive. Decorating is a fun way create memories and tradition with your family and even passersby.

exterior christmas lights
Photo @patticakewagner

My kids love the holidays and still talk about certain houses that were beautifully decorated from the year before. They remember that snowman on the porch waving or that Santa on the roof from last year. Something that seems so small to you, can create a lasting memory for so many.

warm white christmas lights
Photo @mrswilson_no30_home

Backyard Christmas Decor

These backyards look like they are out of a Pottery Barn Christmas catalog! If this doesn’t give the itch to watch a predictable Hallmark Christmas movie, I don’t know what will.

The cozy red plaid blankets, soft lighting, and the warm fire make these backyards feel very welcoming. Decorating your backyard like this might seem silly, but it is a fun way to reflect your personal style and sip hot coco after building a snowman.

Christmas backyard
Photo @littlehouseonchestnut

The fun thing about holiday decor is that you can put your own spin on it. You can keep with the traditional red and green decor, go with a neutral palate, and mix in metallics.

Decorating for any holiday is a fun way to showcase your personality and create memories. To create a winter wonderland in your backyard, gather extra fuzzy blankets, throw pillows, white lights, large lanterns, and of course start a warm fire.

christmas decor for backyard
Photo @decoristofficial

If you need some decorating tips for the holidays, you might find these easy outdoor decorating tips helpful!


We hope you feel inspire to climb into your attic and bring down your totes of exterior Christmas lights and decorations. Regardless of your style, have fun with it and create lasting memories with your family. Displaying those familiar holiday decorations from many years ago brings that feeling of nostalgia over you.