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What are Blob Mirrors?

You might be wondering what are blob mirrors? The blob shaped mirror is a new modern design with a unique shape to break up the ordinary symmetry in a room.

Blob mirrors aren’t just another trend that will be out of style next week. They are here to stay and here’s why.

So, get ready to jump on the blob mirror bandwagon!

What are Blob Mirrors?

The mirrors are called a blob because they aren’t really a shape, they are literally a “blob” because they are an irregular shape.

bathroom blob mirrors
Photo credit: @marketserenade1

Blob mirrors learn toward modern interior design style, especially if they do not include a frame along the edges of the mirror.

These mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space and use in your home.

Even if you style isn’t modern, you can easily blend a blob mirror with your existing home decor.

what are blob shaped mirrors

Are Blob Mirrors a Trend?

Blob style mirrors might look trendy, but they are more than a home decor fad. The blob mirror is a fun way to break up the typical symmetrical style of a mirror.

Blob mirrors can help fill a large wall due to unusual shape and bring visual interest to a room. A blob shaped mirror is a fun way to break up a “safe” design without spending much money.

blob mirrors
Photo Credit: @MarketSerenade

Modern Blob Mirrors

Blob mirrors are sleek and gravitate toward a modern appearance, but they are surprisingly easy to decorate with.

Do you notice that modern design is always in style? There is a reason for that. Modern interior design consists of clean, simple, and sophiscated lines without all the extra fuss.

what are blob mirrors
Photo Credit: @sandhillsmoving

The design can feel a bit cold if not done right, but mixing in wood tones and texture with the modern style can create an inviting space.

Overly busy or bold designs will quickly lose popularity because you will get tired of that look.

Think back to that time when we all painted an accent color a dark bold color. We loved it for a couple of years then one day we had enough and primed then painted it a new color.

Bold designs and color are a fun way to decorate, but they will not be in style forever. Which is okay, especially if you truly love your home.

Your space is your own to show your personality and put your own personal touch onto the design.

Blob Mirrors Work Perfectly on an Awkward Wall

This space would of looked strange with a symmetrical shaped mirror. Instead the blob mirror easily works its way into this design by accepting its surroundings and elevating the space.

The blob mirror makes the most of the awkward angles of the gray electrical panel box and even finds a way to compliment the area.

blob mirror

So, if you struggle to decorate a particular space in your home, try adding a blob mirror to your wall tp help decorate the space and break up the ordinary.

The blob mirror helps fill a space while bringing character and personality in an unexpected way!

If you have an awkward space in your home like this one then you might like these other corner design ideas helpful. They will help inspire your design and give you ideas to decorate those tough areas in your home.

blob mirror
photo credit: @marketserenade1


You might not be totally convinced this is a a design for you. We get it you might need to feel this one out because it is an usual design. But, it is a fun way to go out of your comfort zone and break up that safe design that you typical go for.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.