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13 Coastal Pendant Lights For Any Style Home

Bring the shore indoors with these coastal pendant lights. Even if you do not live near the beach, these basket lights will look great in your boho style home.

What is Pendant Lighting?

You might be wondering what is pendant lighting? Pendant lighting is a light fixture with only one light bulb that hangs from the ceiling.

Pendant lighting can be found above a kitchen table, island, living room, above a bed, and more. Hanging a pendant light can bring drama and visual interest to a space.

globe pendant light
Photo: Instagram @justanotherfirsthomebuild

Glass globe pendant lights go with a many different interior design styles. So, if you aren’t quite ready to commit to a basket pendant light, going with a glass shade is a great option.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant lighting looks beautiful when it is centered above a kitchen island. A bright white kitchen will always be in style, but it can be a bit boring because of the lack of contrast and texture.

Mounting basket pendant lighting above the island of an all white kitchen makes the space more esthetically pleasing.

Baskets bring in soft tones and texture, so they act as a neutral but give a simple white kitchen a little warmth.

coastal pendant lights
Photo: Instagram @the_coastalretreat

Boho Light Fixture

Mounting basket lights above a kitchen table at various heights gives this kitchen a custom feel. Basket lights bring texture and warmth to a room creating a cozy feel.

Previously basket lighting was known for a coastal vibe, but it has transitioned into a Bohemian style.

boho light fixture
Photo: Instagram

Coastal Lighting

Coastal pendant lights look great anywhere in your home, even if you don’t live seaside. Adding a little coastal decor into will bring softness and texture to a space.

Coastal Pendant Lights
Photo: Instagram @blackbanddesignv

Rattan Pendant Light Ideas

Here are rattan pendant light ideas that look great with any interior design style. Rattan does not only look great in a beach house, but it has transitioned into a boho style.

So, you can hang one of these rattan light fixtures without feeling like your home is too beachy. If you like the look of these basket lights, you might like these other lights too.

rattan pendant light

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.