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15 Basket Pendant Light Ideas

Shopping for a unique light fixture to give your home a custom feel? You will love these woven lighting ideas because they will work with almost any style.

Basket pendant light ideas that will make your space feel warm, inviting, and interesting. These pendant lights aren’t your typical glass light fixture, they add a soft glow while bringing texture to a room.

Coastal Pendant Lights

When you think of a basket style light, you think of a coastal style home. Typically a basket pendant light has a coastal feel, but you can incorporate them without making a space feel beachy.

These pendant lights come in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to go with any design style.

The texture from a woven light will bring warmth and make the space feel more visually pleasing.

Basket lights make a simple space feel custom like an interior designer carefully thought out each element in the room.

Basket Pendant Light

Modern Dining Room Lighting

I love a modern design, but sometimes a modern home can feel a bit unwelcoming or cold.

This large woven light fixture above the dining room table feels inviting and cozy. The wood elements and texture from the large basket pendant lights help bring in soft and calming tones.

Anthology Creatives designed this gorgeous woven dining room light fixture.

woven pendant light

Another beautiful modern dining room with bright white throughout for light and airy feeling. This space would feel stark, but the wood table, plant, and pendant light above the table bring it all together.

This modern dining area was designed by Coco and Jack.

woven light fixture

Woven Pendant Lighting for the Bathroom

Adding bathroom a woven pendant lighting above the bathtub dramatically warmed up this simple bathroom design. This bathroom feels modern and clean, but not stark thanks to the basket pendant light.

The basket light brings everything to getting while adding warmth to the bathroom.

Kelsey Leigh Design Co carefully selected each element for this space.

bathroom pendant lighting

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Instead of a simple clear glass pendant light, these basket style lights make this space feel unique. Everything about this kitchen feels like the design was carefully throughout.

The only bad thing about this beautiful kitchen is, that I will never want to leave. I will be snacking at this island more often than I should just to enjoy the view of this gorgeous space.

The pendant lights below can be found on Pure Salt Interiors. They have a ton of other beautiful home accents and lighting on their website as well. Give your home a fresh look with these decor ideas for spring!

coastal pendant lights


As you can see woven light fixtures work with a variety of home decor style. They will always have a place inside of a coastal home, but they can take on different look when mixed with different colors and decor.