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Awesome Accent Wall Ideas!

If you have a boring space that feels like it can use a little something extra than these accent wall ideas are what you need. These accent wall ideas can be a weekend diy project to dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

A accent wall can bring texture to a room to help with the space while making the room more interesting.

Modern Accent Wall Ideas

Here is my my son’s nursery with a bold blue modern accent wall. This entire room was painted a nice shade of gray, but the room just felt like it was missing something.

After installing this diy modern accent wall, the room felt very inviting and fun.

If you want to add this diy accent wall check out our easy to follow instructions.

accent wall ideas

Bold Painted Accent Wall

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of adding anything to your walls, you can make a big impact with just paint.

Green Bay by Sherwin Williams

This wall room was paint a light shade of gray then a single wall was painted with the color Green Bay by Sherwin Williams for a dramatic pop!

accent wall ideas

Laundry Room Closet Accent Wall

A small laundry room is the perfect area to go out of your comfort zone with the design.

Adding a bold patterned wall paper can make a huge impact in a tight space. To see more laundry room ideas check out our post here.

accent wall ideas with wallpaper

Accent Wall Shelving

This room has poor lighting because there aren’t any window, so I had to find a way to define the space.

I was going to add built in cabinets to the back wall, but then I backed out of that idea after pricing it out.

It wasn’t that expensive, but it wasn’t what I was looking to spend and my kids would just hide in the cabinets anyway.

So, I came up with a cheaper idea to organize and define this space.

I sanded and stained these wood shelves and added totes and baskets for toy storage.

playroom ideas

Then I added a large photo and hung plug in wall sconces on either side to help brighten up the space.

I also found matching chair covers for my kids little chairs. If you have toddler boys then you might want to look into these washable chair covers!

Textured Headboard as Accent Wall

My master bedroom is a neutral color which I loved, so I wanted to play off the neutral tones and keep the room calm.

I built this DIY headboard for around $40. The first time I built this headboard it was upholstered with navy fabric.

The navy just didn’t do anything for this space, so I covered it with this textured taupe fabric and I love it!

So, the great thing about this project is that you can easily change it up.

bedroom accent wall ideas

Home Bar Accent Wall

This is my basement home bar with an weathered wood accent wall. We added this wood accent wall here because the bar is in the middle of the room, so we wanted to help define the bar area.

Eventually we talked about finishing the basement or painting the ceiling, but that is low on our priority list.

This space still is a great space to have a drink or a quiet dinner while the kids are asleep upstairs.

To see more pictures and learn how to build a bar check out our post here!

accent wall ideas

Accent Wall Ideas

The best part about an accent wall is that it can be as bold or as simple as you want it to be.

It is only one wall, so don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and add something fun to a room.

If you don’t love how your accent wall turned out, you can easily paint over a single wall in a couple hours.

If you are looking for more accent wall ideas than here some other ideas to inspire your next project! I love the bold color used for this nursery accent wall!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.