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Interior design styles, tips, and how to achieve the look you love on a budget! Always remember to shop your own home for items that can be moved around or painted before going to the store to spend money.

Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

When you think minimalistic Christmas, you might be thinking of a Charlie Brown tree with 5 thin branches. Erase that image from your mind because these minimalist Christmas decor ideas are far from that sad looking tree. These minimalistic Christmas decor ideas will help you decorate your space with significantly less. You can still bring …

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Decorating Maximalist Interiors

If you feel underwhelmed with the minimalist trend then you might opt for an interior design style with more personality. Maximalist interiors are full of color, texture, decor, furniture, but the space all works together because its organized chaos. Even though every inch of a wall can be filled with bold artwork, a maximalist decorated …

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13 Coastal Pendant Lights For Any Style Home

Bring the shore indoors with these coastal pendant lights. Even if you do not live near the beach, these basket lights will look great in any style home to bring a boho feel into the space. These pendant lights will blend with your current decor, bring texture, and visual interest to your home without looking …

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How to Decorate with Pampas Grass Decor

Who would have thought dried plants could be so beautiful?! Pampas Grass decor and palm leaves look great with any style because they bring texture into a room. Decorating with dried plants is easier than you think because they are typically a neutral color, so they easily blend with your existing decor. Pampas Grass Decor …

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9 Wall Decorations for Living Room

Are you looking for inspiration to give your living room a makeover? These wall decorations for living room will provide you with creative ideas to redecorate your space. Decorate with Shelves and Greenery The simplest way to give your living room a makeover is to add greenery. Believe it or not, plants can act was …

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